Hi my dear, hope you are very well. Welcome to our company website. Today I want to introduce a Modern teeth whitening kiosk shopping mall customized service stand. To open a teeth whitening kiosk in the shopping mall is a famous business all over the world. Especially in USA. We have done many teeth whitening kiosk to USA, more than 80 sets. So I think it is a good choice for you to open a small mall kiosk in the shopping mall as a start.

Now in society, you have a beautiful face, a perfect figure, a fashionable hairstyle, and your teeth are yellow. Even if you apply heavy makeup, you can’t hide it. So you must be 360 ​​degrees without dead ends. important. Data obtained in a report from a scientific survey of men shows that no matter how beautiful a woman is. If her teeth are not white enough, her teeth are yellow, or her teeth are even black. She cannot show herself well in front of everyone I always feel embarrassed when I am over time. Interpersonal communication will be affected to a certain extent, and even a beautiful woman will only make men retreat. Aware of this, many women who have not paid attention to whitening their teeth have begun cosmetic work.

Please see the 3d design of the Modern teeth whitening kiosk shopping mall customized service stand:

How to start the 3d design for the teeth whitening kiosk?

First, please feel free to contact us with your requirements, the size, the materials and so on.

Second, we will charge 300USD for the design deposit but it will return to you when order.

Third, our designer will make a new kiosk design for you all as your requirements.

We will send the 3d design drawing to you within 3-5 working days after we receive the design deposit.

Finally, we will change the design if you are not satisfied with the design.

50% before the production and 50% balance before the shipping.

Thanks for your read. Welcome to inquiry!! Have a nice day.


Contact us:

Contact person: Amy Chen
Email: sales20@uniquekiosk.com
Whatsapp: 0086 18823466142
Wechat ID: ShenzhenUnique

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