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If you’ve toyed with the idea of whitening your teeth but haven’t actually done the deed. Consider this: “Since teeth naturally yellow as we age, Whitening them will automatically make you look younger.” A 2008 Columbia University study found that women with healthier-looking teeth earn more than those with less sparkling grins. Do you need any more reasons to whiten up?


A woman or handsome boy with dress fashion clothes and other accesssories.  And the conversation very happy talking, And you each have good impression between each other. But when she/he smiles, and you suddenly see not white teeth in their mouth. All the good impressions to her/him will go disappear. At this time, someone will want to end the topic and say goodbye to her/him. Then we go home. Even we don’t want to make friends with them. If you are talking a business deal. In this case, then the deal also won’t be reached. So Teeth whitening may be a trivial little things. But it is social etiquette and has a great impact on our life.


It is not enough to just brush your teeth every day in the morning and evening. Our teeth is also not enough white, and they the many factors that lead to our teeth is not white.

1. Not paying attention to oral hygiene

If we do not pay attention to oral hygiene and do not develop a good habit of brushing our teeth. The teeth will tend to accumulate some food residues, tobacco stains, wine stains, tea stains, coffee, Chinese medicine, and it is easy to cause yellow teeth.

2. Drug factors

3. Water quality factors

So it is necessary to go to the Teeth whitening stand for keeping our teeth white. We look for help from the professional tooth whitening Medical worker. And twice times in a week is necessary. Now let me introduce our new Teeth whitening stand.



teeth whitening stand teeth whitening stand

introduction of this Teeth whitening stand

Four cubicles in the Teeth whitening stand, a cash counter on the front, led logo advertisement around the four sides, which can attach the customers. There is a roof on this teeth whitening stand. It can prevent the bright light from the on the celling in the shopping center when the customers sitting on the chairs. It is suitable for 1-2 medical worker for working inside


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