Special Modern Design Teeth Whitening Kiosk In The Shopping Mall

Teeth whitening is a sign of both beauty and health. As we all know, teeth is our important part of body, which can help us to eat food. We eat food everyday, but also bring the dirty to the teeth, there are many bacteria in our oral and the teeth, so we need to brush the teeth in the morning and evening. But we still can’t solve one problem is the yellow teeth. The yellow teeth not only make the features look bad, but also have the effect of our health. So more and more people pay attention to the teeth whitening with the high life quality. If you are a oral surgeons, you can have the kiosk in the mall to offer the teeth whitening service. Now let’s learn about one style teeth whitening kiosk.

Description of the teeth whitening kiosk

The main color of the kiosk is white and blue. It is a good color combination, which looks very high-end and modern.Description of the teeth whitening kiosk The kiosk outside is white and the floor and inside part is blue. The size of the teeth whitening is 12*15ft. It is enough big to offer 4 seats. The seats are blue, there is mirror in front of each seat. Then people can see the effection from the mirror. And one cabinet is in the middle, which not only can storage the tools and other things but offer can let people seat and wait for the project. The cash register is in the front of the whole kiosk. We can see the kiosk looks like a digital “8”, also like a gourd shape. It is really very special. Let ‘s have a view the outside part, there are many ligh boxes to show the poster of the beauty teeth model who made from this oral surgeons, he is also very professional. Also one brand logo sign is in the middle of the kiosk and on the cash register. This is a good show for us to look at it from the top view, there is one decoration at the end of the kiosk.

The material of the teeth whitening kiosk is MDF, and the surface is fire-resistant material with blue baking painting finish.

Description of the teeth whitening kiosk

The feature of the kiosk

If you want to offer the service to the people in the mall and take some profits, a kiosk is your good choice. You can tell us the size, style, color and your requirements on the design. We will make one for you base on your all needs. About our kiosk, it is made with professional skills and creative design, and exquisite workmanship to serve with high quality. Its fashion style to attract the customers. It is practical for your showing products and make value use of the space. Our kiosk is used by eco-friendly material which can reach the requirements of your needs.

The kiosk has no pungent smell, and is green and no environmental hazards. The kiosk is also easy assemble and disassemble. So you can don’t worry about the installation.


We are a custom factory with professional experience with a excellent design team and workers. We will try our best to meet yoru needs when you have the requirements to us. If you have any needs of the furniture and kiosk, please contact us and let us help to solve your questions and rach the cooperation.

About the design fee, it is $300, which will be returned to you after you place the order. The production time is about 22-25 working days, and the shipping time is about 25-30 days.

The feature of the kiosk



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