Beautiful Modern Eyelash Kiosk Customized Nail Bar Kiosk For Sale

The eyelashes themselves are the “guardian knights” of the eyes. The eyelashes plays the role of the shading, prevent dust into the eyes, and make the eyes much more beautiful. Correct grafting of eyelashes can also increase this effect, play a protective role in the eye, but also to prevent UV damage to the eye. Having long and thick eyelashes is the dream of most beauty-loving ladies. With the advent of grafting eyelash technology, the ladies like to pursue the beauty very much. Therefore, we can see many beauty stores and kiosks in the shopping mall. When ladies go shopping, they can also enjoy the service of the grafting eyeglash. So you can use less cost to have a kiosk to offer beauty service in the mall. I will introduce one eyeglash kiosk for you.

Description of the eyelash kiosk

The first feeling to me is the eyelash kiosk is so much beautiful because of the color. Description of the eyelash kioskThe main color of the kiosk is pink and black. The outside color is black, and pink inside and some white for something. The eyeglash kiosk size is 6.5×3.8m, the space is big. Let’s have a view on the layout of the eyelash kiosk. We can see the door, there is the pink color logo sign on the left part, and the luminous logo is on the right part. And some poster pictures of the eyelash effection around the kiosk to show to people, which is very attractive. You can also use it to storage some tools and goods. A glass cabinet showcase is designed in the corner, which can show the eyelash types and nail types, ladies can choose one they like.

Let’s have a view on the top from the picture, we can see the layout clearly. On the right side, there are two seats for grafting eyelash, and other one seat is on the left side. The comfortable cream-coloured seats are for the customers, then the staff can on the white seat to help them make the beauty. There is one cash register is on the middle, customers will pay for the bill form here. And the black seat area is for customers to have a rest when they are waiting. There are 4 seats by the side of the wall for the customers to make the beauty nail. So we can see such size space  can have many function for you to do the business. You can arrange it according to your plan.

Description of the eyelash kiosk

How to open a eyeglash kiosk

When you have the ideas of opening a eyelash kiosk too, you need to get the place in the mall. Then please contact us to make a design to help you get the approval from the mall. About the design, we need to talk about the size you get from the mall, and the style and color you like, and ther requirements. The design fee is $300, which is cheap and be will returned to you when you order the kiosk from us. If the mall has the requirements of the design, we can also modify it for you. We will try our best to meet your needs and reach the cooperation. Our factory and company is very professional in the furniture industry with over 10 years experience.

When you like the design and confirm all details, we will arrange the production for you when we get the payment 50% before production. The production time is about 22-25 working days, which depends on the size, style and quantity of the kiosk. And other 50% balance is payed before shipping. We will pack your kiosk well to protect it during the shippment. After you get the kiosk, you need to install the kiosk, but it is very easy for you, because we will offer you the instruction and videos. You just need to Just arrange them according to the instructions and connect to the power supply.

If you are interested in the kiosk please contact us in time.

How to open a eyeglash kiosk


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