Hello everybody, welcome to our company website. Today I want to introduce a USA Teeth whitening kiosk customize kiosk manufacturer in China. Since ancient times, the standard for judging beauty is “bright eyes and bright teeth.” Many people now pay attention to their teeth. Yellowing and blackening of the teeth seriously affect a person’s appearance. Does not affect physical health, there is no need to spend so much money to whiten teeth. In fact, this idea is wrong, and the teeth are not white enough to cause great harm to patients.

The importance of teeth whitening: 

1. Affect external appearance

The black and yellow teeth have a serious impact on a person’s external image. One mouth is big yellow teeth, and he is embarrassed to speak, especially in a crowded place, it will be even more embarrassing.

2. Affects mental health

Yellow teeth and black teeth cause serious damage to a person’s heart. Many people cannot accept their yellow teeth. Compared with the white teeth of others, it is more difficult to speak. Over time, it will cause serious inferiority and become Lonely and not talking.

3. Cause oral disease

Black and yellow teeth can also cause oral diseases. The stains on the teeth are not cleaned up, which can cause serious damage to the teeth and cause a series of oral diseases.

Please see the below 3d design of the USA Teeth whitening kiosk customize kiosk manufacturer in China:

On the front of this teeth whitening kiosk has the advertising TV. The customer can use it to play some pictures or videos to show their company story or some information about the teeth whitening.

Order story of the teeth whitening kiosk:

The customer he has the agent in China, so he asked his agent to contact our company. They contact us and want to make teeth whitening kiosk. So we suggest the customer to start the 3d design first. Then his agent paid the 3d design deposit 300$ to us and we start to make it. We customize this teeth whitening kiosk with the customer’s brand logo and his layout. Because the customer sent a draft for the layout to us. Then we make the 3d design according to his layout. On the surface of the teeth whitening kiosk has the stickers for advertising. And the 3d lighted logo to make the teeth whitening kiosk look more attractive. The customer will put the dental equipment inside. And the shelves on the wall you can put some tools on it.

This kiosk we shipped to the USA in April 2019. The material is plywood with Formica laminate, which is very good quality. Most of the customers in the USA want to use this material, it is fireproof and waterproof. We have some good quality laminate brands like Formica, Wilsonart and so on. The size of this teeth whitening kiosk is 10x 10 ft. It included everything you can see in the 3d design. ( 3d Acrylic lighted logo & not lighted Acrylic letters & lighted box & stickers & frosted tempered glass ).

We have over ten years of experience in the teeth whitening kiosk. If you want to make a teeth whitening kiosk, we can help you to make it. Thanks for your time to read. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the teeth whitening kiosk.  Thank you.

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