Modern optical shop furniture display cabinet for sunglass store decoration

It is a modern optical shop with high furniture display cabinets to sell products. It sells modern and popular sunglasses.

From the above 3D design, it is simple and modern optical shop. When customers go into the shop, they are able to see all the styles of sunglasses. The sale area is located in both walls and middle of the shop. In the right side, there are three mirrors in the four display shelves. Each mirror in the middle of the two display shelves.  The display stand in the middle of shop with three layers display shelves to show products and on the top with mirrors. All the furniture to display sunglasses.

Under the display shelves are drawers and storage cabinets. Those storage cabinets with lock and key. We place the seating area in front of the inside door, due to shop’s layout. Considering can display more sunglasses and attract more people, front part of shop as sale area and back part as waiting area and point of sale.

In order to create some plant in the shop,  we put a piece of fake grass on the ceiling. So the spotlights around it, to add the lit.


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