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Clothing is a necessary part for people. When a baby is born, the nurse will help him/her wear the clothes to avoid them have a cold. Women likes to buy clothes even they have enough clothes. But the women always think they lack of the clothes in the closet when they need to go out. If they like the clothes they will not hesitate to buy it. So in the mall, we can see many women, girls have a shopping in the clothes store. If you want to do the business of clothes but have no so much cost to open a store, how about think about the clothing kiosk? Next, I will show you one nice clothing kiosk.

The layout of the clothing kiosk

The main color of the clothing kiosk is white, which looks simple and wonderful. We can see that there are several parts The layout of the clothing kioskconbiming the big kiosk. Not only clothes in the kisok, but also some high-heeled shoes and bags. On this view, we can see there are dresses hanging the kiosk and shoes on the shelves. And the bags in the kiosk behind the dresses. There is one cash register and brand logo sign. There are two clothing shelves to hanging the coats and trousers. In the middle, it is one display table to show other some favorable price. There are other type bags hanging on the sides of the kiosk. Different kinds of the clothes are put on different parts. Customers not only can choose the clothes they like here but also can buy high-wheeled shoes and bags to match the whole style. It is multiple-choice for customers. The size of the clothing kiosk is 3*2m, the area is not so big, but it can show and sell so many things. It is open-paln, people can see the kiosk from all the derections, and they can select the clothes, t-shirts, shoes and bags freely.

If you are in the first stage of doing business, please try to open a kiosk. The kiosk is a tearsure for you and can bring the profits.The layout of the clothing kiosk

How to build a kiosk

If you have an idea to open a clothing kiosk in the mall, please let us help. Let’s communicate about the size, style, and other needs. Then I will integrate the information to our designer if you are willing to make a 3D design by us. Normally, we suggest you make the 3D design to get the approval from your mall. Some malls have the requirements of the kiosk, such size, material and others. We can meet your needs. So one design is important, in this way  you can put your ideas on the design, such as the kiosk shape, logo, color or others. The design fee is $300. We will return the design fee to you after you order the kiosk from us. It is free design for you. If the the design reach the mall approval and you like it, we can have a good cooperation.

Our service

1)Design and making display furniture for retail store, shopping mall, trade show and showroom. Design is for free.

2)OEM and ODM service. Making products all according to your requirements ( color, size and material, etc.)  until you are satisfied.

3)Pre-sale service and after-sale service.

4)We stick to the principle of “quality first, customer satisfaction” and based on “whole-hearted service” to make “Unique” brand.

5) Our people always keep their eyes on the order and we take pictures everyday so it is a daily record for your order. If you want to know your order production details you can ask photos from our people and we work 24 hours for you.

How to build a kiosk

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