Sunglasses Store Furniture Design Eyeglasses Display Cabinet for Sale

Sunglasses are a very profitable business in recent years. More and more people make money by open a sunglasses store. Today, I want to share a nice sunglasses store furniture with you. They can better display glasses by category, and consumers can easily select and purchase. Let’s view the sunglasses store furniture design together.

Sunglasses store furniture decoration

As we can see in the design picture, the sunglasses store furniture includes a wall display cabinet, center display counter, bill counter, sunglasses display shelf. We can also put the brand logo on the furniture, wall, and even shopfront.

sunglass display shelf

Layout introduction

We usually set wall cabinets and shelves on both sides. It is in dark color with a light acrylic shelf, a good match to the shop theme. And it also makes full use of the space. There are also introduction cards stand on the counter cabinet top, clients can learn more information about products.

The center display counter always makes the shop look better. We make a display counter around 1m in height, a very good size for people to reach. Hot sale products also set here for attracts people eye’s attention. We can make it like a table, other unique shapes like round, U shape, V design also makes the sunglass more creative.

sunglass store

Color decoration

The main color of sunglasses shop furniture is a dark color with a mixture of light colors for decoration. So we can see the wall is a blue color with a black logo in white color. While the sunglasses display shelf has a purple and blue color. They create a very dreamy shop atmosphere, which is also very conducive for customers to try on sunglasses.

Size reference

We should rent a shop to sell sunglasses and eyeglasses. If we have a limited budget, a small shop around 20 square meters is good enough. However, when we have enough budget, we can rent a large shop to start. Then decorate the sunglasses store with suitable furniture. Usually, the sunglasses display cabinet is about 120cm*60cm*180cm. We can also change the size to fit the back wall. Center counter usually for 180cm*60cm*100cm each. Cashier counter size, 120cm*60cm*110cm or 200cm*80cm*100cm, depends on the shop size.

eyeglass display stand

Material information

Main material: MDF

Surface material: Baking paint

Shelf material: Acrylic panel with light or tempered glass

Brand logo: Acrylic with a backlit and Neon light logo

Other materials: Metal frame, stainless steel kicking, lightbox painting, etc.

We can also use Plywood with dark laminate to build the sunglasses display cabinets. And also use natural wood as the surface decoration to get a wonderful effect. We can also use the required material to build the kiosk.

sunglass shop furniture

How to get the eyeglasses display cabinet?

Design part

As for a customized sunglasses display cabinet, we can make a 3D design. It shows how the furniture matches the shop design. And what products to buy. Design time needs 3-5 working days. The design drawing is followed by the special ideas. If the owner wants to view different colors, and want a different effect, we need more time to modify and confirm the final design.

Order part

When confirming the design drawing, we can check the total cost. Then we can complete the construction drawing fr production. The payment term is 50% deposit before production and 50% balance before shipping. Order start as the money arrives and construction drawing confirmed.

Produce part

Production need about 28-32 working days, depends on the craft and quantity of eyeglasses display cabinet. We prepare materials according to the design drawing and make them follow the construction drawing. Workers focus on every progress step to make sure everything is correct. We will also take photos and videos during production, so the owner can control the production procedure. If you need any further information, please feel free to send us an inquiry. Thank you for reading.

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