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Are you want to have your own business in the glasses field? Are you looking for good furniture manufacture? Do you want to buy some high-quality glasses display cases? If you want, pay attention to what the company and the product I will introduce for you. Now people wearing glasses are divided into two parts. One is nearsighted people, one is because you think with beautiful people. And glasses are divided into some parts, such as nearsighted glasses, sunglasses, and many other types. What is more, because more and more people to wear any different glasses. So the glasses shops are also rising in the world. However, ordinary showcases can no longer meet their needs. And more people choose customized showcases, Therefore, if you want to design your own opticians and custom-made shopkeepers, please consult us. Our company is Shenzhen Unique Furnitures Ltd.

glasses shopHow to start a glasses shop?

First: When you decided to start a glasses shop, you must have enough money to start it. Because this is the basic condition, no investment, no income. Second: you must know the shop size you want. tell us your shop’s size, so that we can design it according to your size. Third: You must tell the designer your other requirements, for example, the color and style, so that they can design it according to your requirements. Last but not least, you must find the right factory. Now there are many factories just to complete the task, but a professional and correct factory will not be like this. They will be customized according to customer requirements. What is more, the production will have many times to check it. in order to ensure quality.

How to find the right factory?glasses shop

Nowadays, more and more people willing to open their own business. But in the glasses field, they always do not know how to choose the right factory. Now let me show you some messages to choose the right factory. On the one hand, the better factory, they have a better professional design team. so that to design many different styles to let you choose. On the other hand, the better factory will use high-quality materials, so that to make you feel satisfied. Last but not least, the right factory has the best services.

glasses furnitureOur advantages:

First: Our company has our own factory. Do you just provide the product size you want? What color you want? What style do you want? You just provide these for our designer, our designer will design it for you.

Second: Our company has the high-quality materials, such as MDF, plywood, tempered glass, stainless steel, laminate finish, man-made stone. Then we will use laminate on the plywood surface, or we will use high glossy baking paint on MDF. what is more, we will use acrylic to make your logo, and we will use many nature wood veneer samples. All the materials when we put them to your product we will check it again and again.

Third: Our company has the best service. When you send an inquiry, we will reply to you within 24 hours. Then if you have any questions, we will solve them on time. We will try our best to let you feel satisfied. And when you buy a product from our company, we will have a salesman contact with you from you buy it to you have to hold it.

 FAQ:glasses showcase

1:Why you must pay the design fee?

In order to let our cooperation more smooth, so you must pay it before we did the design for you. It is a symbol.

2:.How is the payment?

After we confirm the order you should pay the 50% deposit advance and we will start to make the product. But be sure that we only start production after receive deposit money so the earlier payment the earlier production. We accept payment through T/T, Western Union. Please kindly check the account information we provide before you arrange the payment.

3.When can ship it to your country?

We will find a good way to help you ship the goods. The goods can be delivered to the sea port, airport, yard near your address or directly to your shop. The total delivery time includes shop design time, showcase building time, shipping time, delivery time. Finally, through these steps, you will receive it.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.



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