Professional Designers Customized Optical Shop Furniture And Interior Design  A popular optical shop needs good shop design. Unique Furniture is a professional optical shop furniture manufacturer with an excellent team. We can provide you with high-quality products and unique shop design, and do every step based on your needs.


The color of the whole design is mainly white and wood, which looks modern and practical. Our designer created a distinctive design based on the shop floor plan, basically designing display showroom of different shapes around the wall sides. In addition, the column has set a small display stand to put more glasses products. And this rational use of location advantage and improve product sales.

From this picture, we can see that the tables put in the middle can use as a rest area for customers. Soft lighting is also used on the ceiling. We can customize it according to your needs, including style and size including style and size. Besides, mark the logo on the top of the display showroom to make the shop look not monotonous. Do you like the layout of the store? Please share your shop floor plan with us, we can help you create your ideal shop.

Some styles of optical shop decoration

Simple style is a more popular style. The feature of the simple style is to simplify the design elements, colors, lighting, and raw materials but has high requirements for the texture of colors and materials.

European style design emphasizes reasonable and symmetrical proportions. Luxurious decoration, strong colors, and exquisite decoration meet the effect of grace and luxury.

The Japanese style uses natural materials such as wood, bamboo, and other natural elements. And the most obvious feature is versatility, strong and simple colors, and make the elegant and simple indoor atmosphere.

The American-style glasses shop is spacious and historical, emphasizes functionality and comfort, and is generally simple and practical.

Some questions you want to know:

1.How should I choose the style of the glasses shop?

We will send you the designs we have done before, and you can choose your favorite style. If not, tell us all your requirements for the shop. We have a professional design team to create new designs for you.

2.What is the production time?

It takes about 18-25 working days after the order confirmed.

3.What’s the estimated cost for the shop?

Actually, we need to know all the details of your shop, and then make a 3D shop design, showing your furniture, lighting and logo in the design. So that both parties can be confirmed. We can give you a good price when we know the specific quantity of furniture.

4.Can I know the furniture production process?

Sure. we will track your production order for you, and we can send you production pictures and videos to let you know the production process.

5.How do I make the payment?
Usually, we have two ways. One is by T/T, and another is by Western Union. . Also you can pay via Alibaba.it is up to you to choose the more convenient one.


Unique furniture has more than 14 years of experience in making furniture for cosmetics shop, and has a professional design team. If you want to open a new store, please contact us. Can provide more design for your reference. Meanwhile, from the design, production, and delivery, we will make step by step according to your requirements.


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