Customized Modern Optical Shop Wood Fixtures For sale

Optical Shop is a place that specializes in the sale of optometric glasses and related products. So the layout and decoration of the store are particularly important.

About the customer’s design ideas:

When the client contacted me on our website, he told me about his optical shop business plan. And found his favorite style on our website. after discussion, the customer agreed to make the design first based on his favorite style.

This customer discussed his ideal store with us carefully and didn’t want to miss every detail. Our excellent designers have made modifications according to the customer’s shop floor plan and style, making the shop more and more unique. During the design period, The customer and I repeatedly confirmed the layout of the shop, counters, and other furniture, etc. until the customer was satisfied.

The shop’s basic colors are light yellow and some matching colors. Looks more modern and fashionable. Glass doors give customers a clear view of the store’s layout and products, even outside the door. it’s a great way to attract customers.


Shop description:

The glasses display shelves put on the wall both sides. On these shelves can also put books and photo albums to beautify your shop. Also, We can see that has some bright blue logo on the top of the cabinet. Which can make people feel relaxed and comfortable.

The mirrors are placed in the middle of each shelve and mainly use for customers to try on glasses. And the center has a glasses display cabinet with mirror, so customers can choose different styles of glasses. At the front of the glasses cabinet is a work table where can sit down. The shop assistant introduces the products to the customers face to face. When they need to know more about the glasses.

The cash register counter is usually set inside of the store, and the store logo is also added on the opposite wall so that customers can leave a good impression on the store. Please pay attention to the decoration on the ceiling, we can also design according to your needs.

How to open a new store:

You need to have enough funds and find the right shop place. We suggest that the glasses store address should be in places with a dense human flow, such as pedestrian streets and shopping malls. The store address should be determined mainly according to your products.

Have a trusted manufacturer. We are a direct furniture customization factory with a professional design team. To provide you with high-quality products and a competitive price. Besides, we can design your ideal shop step by step according to your ideas.

Packing and delivery :

When the production is finished, We will send pictures and videos of all the furniture for your confirmation. And divide it into several parts for shipment. we will pack them with foam inside and wood crate outside to protect the products from damage during the transportation.

Usually, our method of transportation is by sea to the port nearest to you. The shipping time is about one month and the exact time depends on your port. We can also provide door-to-door service.it’s based on your request.

If you want more details, please pay attention to our site and contact us.

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