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Sunglasses have become very popular among people. Eyeglasses also play a big role in life because teenagers wear glasses to correct vision. It is a good idea to open an optical store to make money. Today, I want to share a nice sunglasses store decoration here. Hope it can help you get good ideas.

Sunglasses store furniture introduction

sunglass display stand

Display shelf, rotating display stand with long hooks, glass cabinet is very good to place sunglasses and eyeglasses. We can choose suitable furniture to decorate the sunglasses store.

Wall display shelf

The Wall display shelf usually fits for the wall length. It is very good for both display and decoration. Sunglasses display shelves stand close to the wall and won’t occupy the area of the display area. The height ranges from 180cm to 220cm. And each layer can put a lot of glasses for selection. We can usually put promotional products in the line of sight.

Center glass cabinet

Center glass display cabinets can showcase products better. Size usually be 60cm width and 100cm height. The length depends on the shop size. For large shops, we can make it 80cm-100cm wide to show more different sunglasses and eyeglasses. Clients can also purchase from both sides without waiting. New design drawng to make full

sunglass store decoration

Reception desk

The reception desk is very important for every retail shop. As it is a place to receiving guests. Usually, it views as a cashier counter for POS systems. The brand sign is better to put on the counter body and back wall. 160cm, 180cm, and 240cm are the popular reception desk length. We can choose a suitable size according to the location.

Rotating display stand

We choose a rotating display stand because it can display products from different angles. It needs a small place and brings a big effect to showcase items. We can also put up posters on the top ceiling to make it stand out.

Material introduction

The main material is Plywood to make sunglasses store furniture. Solid wood and veneer usually give a good effect to the kiosk. We can also choose other materials like laminate to control cost. Other materials include 8mm tempered glass and baking paint, light lamp, and stainless steel, etc. We can also use other materials to change the sunglasses shop styles.

How to make the sunglasses store decoration?

sunglass store design

First, rent a sunglasses store to start a business

Renting a store is the first step in business. Because this will be a factor of decoration. Because we need to choose a distinctive decoration to make your shop stand out.

Second, make the sunglasses shop design

The 3D design is an important part of shop decoration. As it shows how the sunglasses store looks like directly. Which will help us save time and energy from thinking.

Third, get the license and approval

When we like the shop design, we can send it to the landlord for checking and even submit it to the government for approval. In this case, you will get licenses to operate the sunglasses store. It’s very important and makes sure that furniture is meet the standard.

Fourth, produce the shop furniture

Produce progress determines the quality of sunglasses display cabinets. Workers make the shop furniture according to the confirmed design. And the production steps are clearly shown in the photos and videos. So we can see how it is built and what is the products to receive.

Finally, install the sunglasses display showcases

When receiving the goods, just unpack the goods and put them in the right location. We can follow the layout plan in the construction drawing. Then connect wires to the power supply.

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