Unique display has various T- shirt display kiosk. There are lots of styles where you can meet different customers. And there is the last t-shirt display kiosk for your reference.


The main tones of this kiosk are green, wooden and blue. This color assortment is very modern. It can greatly fit the theme of selling clothing.

There is a TV player. You can show your product advertisement or promotional video. It can make your kiosk look more professional. And the bottom has a hook rack. You can hang your small stuff here, such as shoes.

On its right side, it has a logo here. There are lots of logo options, such as 3d logo, holiday and so on. Designers can choose a matched style to fit your logo.

The kiosk also has some displays to show your t-shirt. It is convenient for customers to find their preferred.

Quick description

Size: 3*2m

Color: green, wooden or blue

Material: mdf with fire-plate

Others: light, lock, hook

Service:ODM, OEM, 3d design

Design time: 3-7 workdays

Production time: 22-27 workdays


The main material is mdf with fire-plate, it features superior quality and can sever you a long time. The base material uses an environmental protection plate, reached environmental protection grade E1, low formaldehyde emissions and less harm to the body.

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