Functional Clothing Store Kiosk Display Rack in Mall

clothing stand

Clothing store kiosk is popular in the shopping mall. Everyone likes unique and beautiful clothing because it expresses their characters to the clients. A clothing kiosk is good to hang clothing, hat, suits, etc. Today, I want to share a nice clothing kiosk with you. It’s good to use in the shopping mall, supermarket, inner clothing shop, and even events.

Clothing store description

clothing store booth

We can see in the design, this clothing kiosk size is 4m by 4m. The primary color is white and gray. It can better show the clothing and items well. Clothing display rack, wall cabinet, display shelving, and storage is also very important for clothing kiosk. Because clients can choose the right clothing size.


Layout information

clothing boothThis clothing kiosk has a display rack on 4 sides in front of the kiosk. So that clients can purchase directly. The middle area has a large area, you can attach advertising, mirrors, etc. You can make them as a fitting room where guests can try on clothes. TV players, lightbox painting, and brand logo can place in a suitable area. Therefore, clients will remember your brand theme well.

We can see there is a wall with an entrance to separate the whole kiosk into 2 parts. Both front and back areas can show clothes. Check out counter and reception desk can also set near the wall, that makes good use of space and also good for your business.

clothing kiosk Flooring

Flooring and carpet are important for a mall kiosk. It’s not only part of your clothing kiosk decoration but also protects the mall flooring. Also makes people feel you are very professional and provide high brandy clothes. Flooring has stainless steel edge, you can also make slope, so that the entrance and exit are more obvious and easy to use.


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