Useful Clothing Kiosk Design T-shirt Kiosk for Sale

When we are walking in the shopping mall, we can see many clothes stand by some famous brands. You will go to see to buy some suitable clothing for yourself. Do you want to let your clothing kiosks look more attractive ? Do you want to attract more customers coming to buy your clothes?  We can help you design a unique kiosk. Next, let us have a look special clothes kiosk.


First of all, the kiosk’s special place is the fashion stickers on the counter surface. It can show your products is a fashionable style. Then, the black tall stand has an eye-catching white lighted acrylic letter logo. It has a very good effect to attract people. When people was attracted by the stickers, they will come to see your logo, and then will ask for some information about the cloth. What’s more, this kiosk has two cashier register areas, we design it according to the client’s requirements. So we can also make the kiosk as your needs.

clothing kiosk

About the materials of the kiosk

The basic materials is MDF(middle density fiberboard) with black baking paint. The paint looks very smooth and it is environmental protection, no poisonous and healthy material. The toe kick area material is stainless, to support the kiosk. It is scratch-proof, Moisture-proof. We usually use stainless as base area material.

clothing kiosk


Our design includes many things, like the logo, size, color, style, material, and so on. Our design service is your customized kiosk of yours. Due to every client having different needs, so we provide customize and design. So if you are interested in our kiosk or you have ideas to open a business, and need a kiosk. You can contact us. We can help you design your favorite retail kiosk for your use.

Thank you for your reading!

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