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Mobile phones are now indispensable for people, so mobile phone shops have become the choice of many businesses. Mobile phones are at the forefront of fashion trends, so the decoration design of mobile phone stores should also have a good pattern. How does the decoration design of the mobile phone shop attract customers? What skills should we pay attention to when decorating a mobile phone shop?

Nowadays, there are many mobile phone shops everywhere on the street, but we generally see small mobile phone shops with a small space, so the more things to consider when decorating a mobile phone shop. So what should we pay attention to when decorating a mobile phone shop? How to decorate a small space mobile phone store with better visual effects?

cell phone accessories store fixtures

4 Tips for you to make the mobile phone shop decoration

Mobile phone shop decoration: color lighting

Brightly colored decoration will have better spatial visual effects. In general, mobile phone shops will mainly use white. Cooperating with the lighting, it can also well contrast the characteristics of the product. When decorating, the indoor brightness should be appropriate, and the space that is too dark or too bright will not work well, and it will damage the eyes.

In the choice of lighting, try to focus on white light source, white can well set off the characteristics of the product. Proper lighting in the store can not only render the atmosphere of the store, highlight the display of goods, enhance the display effect, but also improve the working environment of the salesperson and improve work efficiency.

Different colors can give people different psychology. As a service industry, our main purpose is to make consumers happy to shop. Don’t choose depressive colors in decoration colors. Colors can be harmoniously matched with products to enhance consumer shopping experience.

Mobile phone shop decoration: door design

The door is a business card. Through the door design, people outside can know our business direction and the main products, so as to stimulate shopping desire and promote consumption. In the door head design, the font should be clear and clear, and the color should be bright.

cell phone store display racks design

Mobile phone shop decoration: focus on wall design

When we visit some shops, we will find that the walls are also well used by businesses. For wall decoration, choose stickers, green plants or other decorations. And we can use the wall to place the goods, design some wall display cabinets to display the products. Both of these methods can give full play to the spatial effect. We generally use white on the walls of mobile phone stores. Some mobile phone accessories or electronic posters can be placed on it. With the audio-visual effects, customers can quickly understand the elemental atmosphere of the mobile phone store.

Mobile phone shop decoration: broad vision

When the space is not large enough, the best way to decorate is to increase the view. The broad vision is what we must design clearly so that people outside can see the products in the store at a glance to attract customers. Pay attention to the overall layout indoors, not to create a feeling of crowding.

About this mobile phone accessories store design made by our designer

Are you looking for a cell phone store or mobile phone accessories shop design? Well, here you are in the right place.

Just now finished a new cell phone store decoration, I can’t wait to share to you, if you had a cell phone store or planning open a new retail cell phone store, pls don’t miss this design.

If you are a client, when you walk into this store, you feel very comfortable, the whole design is very tidiness, black white grey color is very suitable for the phone store. You can see the store wall decoration is for display racks. Each display racks all with the brand logo, very good classify cell phone or accessories products. One side wall is for glass showcase display racks, another one sidewall is for slat wall accessories. Between both display rack, the design adds some uneven small shelves, I think this part is very creative. The wall display racks are with the blue led light all around, light blue looks very beautiful.

The store layout is very comfortable, the entrance left is a window, we made the window display cabinet for phones. Then come into the shop interior, middle of the store is one row lower glass showcase to display cell phone. Both sidewall area is the display racks and the end is a cashier counter also repair counter, it is just now facing to store door. The whole layout and design style include color match I all like it very much. It gives people a sense of advanced technology. What do you think of this cellphone store design pls?

If you are interested in the mobile phone store design, please contact us at sales20@uniquekiosk.com for more details, thank you!

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