Nowadays, electronic products are more and more popular all around the world. Become an indispensable part of our life. such as mobile phone service, phone accessories, computer. Ipad, phone repair service is coming. at the same time, Some businessmen see a business opportunity. plan to start his cellphone store business. 

Fashionable & modern cell phone shop interior design with retail display fixtures 

In this article what I wanna share is a very fashionable cell phone shop furniture design for your meet.

Basic information about this phone shop.

  • Size:100sqm, or customized based on your store.
  • Color: white, Light brown wood grain.
  • Material: MDF, plywood. glossy baking painting finished brown wood grain fireproof plate.
  • Service: cell phone , Ipad. computer, phone accessoroes.
  • Accessories: poster, acrylic letter. led light strip.


phone shop


You can see the whole phone shop mainly tone is white, match some brown color wood grain fireproof plate, very high-end and fashional. 

The left sides of the whole shop mainly for cellphone, here with 1100mm height phone display cabinet and high display wall shelves, each plate hidden led light strip, the bottom part is some drawers. it’s very nice for storage. the middle of this shop is a big table, mainly for display Ipad. the back sides is an Aluminum groove plate accessories display wall, it can put phone case, SIM card, headset and more.

the right sides is an “L” shape wooden counter for display computer and TV, the bottom is some wooden cabinet for storage, match some poster, looks very nice. in order to match the whole shop style, you will notice the floor and ceiling is white. here is some square shape light on the ceiling, it’s very bright and attractive.

phone shop

Production Process

You can see the whole shop will have the all kinds of the shop display fixture. The whole shop will have the unique display showcase, We all know the furniture will have all their own production process. The display stands include two basic material. One is plywood, the surface we use the laminate as a main material. Another is MDF, the surface we use baking paint as a main material.

During the wooden box, we will reserve the place to install the sockets, logo, light box and so on. We need to produce the wooden board firstly, Then assemble the wooden board into the wooden cabinet.

If you do the MDF as a basic material, the next step is to polish the wooden cabinet and make the surface more smooth. Then we need to do the baking paint as a surface treating. If you do the plywood as a main material, we need to stick the laminate. Finally, we need to install the logo, light box, light strip and so on.


The time include the design time, production time and shipping time. Design time include the 3d design + revise design and the construction time.  In general, the 3d design will take about 3-5 working days. But we suggest that you can reserve the 1-2 weeks to prepare it. Because need to consider the mall approval time. The production time will take about 22-25 working days. Shipping time depends on which port is near to you, i will help you check it.

Thanks for your time and reading, Unique kiosk as a direct manufacturer, we mainly work on a design and customize different types of retail phone kiosk, phone display fixtures. If you’re interested to start your phone store business, also can check our cell phone shop furniture page to check more related design. welcome inquiry!


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