Cell phone store design phone display stand and mobile phone kiosk

With the advancement of technology and the continuous development of society. Mobile phones are gradually appearing in the public’s sight as the image of ordinary consumer electronics. With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, people’s purchasing power is increasing day by day. People in different places think about communicating with friends and relatives from time to time. And mobile phones as mobile phones are undoubtedly able to meet this requirement.

As people’s requirements for the function of mobile phones and their appearance continue to increase. The frequency of people changing mobile phones has increased compared with the past. Experiments have shown that people with fast replacement speeds will be within three months to six months. If you change the phone once, the person with a relatively slower frequency change will be replaced within six months to three years. And these are all showing the fact that the future of the mobile phone market is bright.

cell phone shopAbout this cell phone store:

Here I want to share the cellphone shop design with you. As you can see, yellow is used as the main color in this mobile phone store, and blue, white and other colors are used for decoration. Walking into this shop, you will be attracted by its decoration style. There are several mobile phone accessories display kiosks against the wall on the left, and storage showcases at the bottom. In the middle of these accessories kiosks, there is an LED light box for putting posters and advertising mobile phones.

Beside these mobile phone kiosks, there is a large mobile phone display cabinet to display and advertise various mobile phones. And in front of this big display showcase there are several small display kiosks which are also used to display mobile phones. There are also lights on top of these small display kiosks. In addition, there is a cashier’s desk and a cell phone storerest area. The whole store has used spotlights or LED lights to decorate the kiosks more brightly. Outside the store is a large pane of toughened glass, allowing passers-by to clearly see the design of the store. This cell phone store design is very fashion and modern. Do you like this design?

What is the material we will use for the cellphone store?

Basic material: MDF ( Medium Density Fiberboard ).

Surface finished: High glossy baking paint.

Others: tempered glass, Acrylic luminous logo, stainless steel, man made stone, nature wood veneer samples and so on.

cell phone shopHow to start the cellphone store design from Unique Furniture Ltd.?

  1. First: For the design of a mobile phone store design, we usually charge 500 USD for the design deposit.
  2. Second: After you paid the design deposit, you must tell our designer what the size, color and style you like. Our designer will according your requirements to make design for you.
  3. Third: If you don’t like the design of our designer at first, you can suggest the modification according to the drawing we sent to you, and then our designer will modify it for you.
  4. Fourth: After we finish the design, you need to pay 50% of the full payment, and then our workers will customize it for you. After the production is completed, you will pay the remaining 50% and the freight, and we will ship it to you.

All in all, our company(Shenzhen Unique Furniture Ltd) can customize a new phone store all as your all requirements. If you have the floor plan or anything ideas about the design, please discuss with us.Then we will send the 3 D design drawing to you within 3-5 working days after we receive the design deposit.Thank you for reading this article.

Welcome to inquiry!!! Any questions please feel free to contact us on Email: sales03@uniquekiosk.com.

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