Nice Look Cell Phone Store with Phone Accessories Fixtures for Sale

Cell phone store

Cell phones and accessories play a big role in our life. We now can find cell phone stores easily. Since it is a very popular service all over the world, more and more people make money by opening mobile phone shops. If you are one of them, please don’t miss this cell phone store furniture I share today. It is good for selling mobile phones, phone repair, phone accessories, and providing computer service.  

As most of the smartphone shops, this decoration color is blue and white. It has wall shelves, a display counter, a computer experience area, an awaiting table with chairs, a reception desk, a brand wall, and a poster area. Which looks very technological and it is also convenient to display products for customers to choose from. Let’s view more details together.

Cell phone store

Basic information

  • Name: Blue and white cell phone store furniture
  • Size: 50sqm or customized as your store size
  • Color: White and blue or another color you need
  • Material: MDF, Aluminum groove plate
  • Accessories: Lightbox, led light, spotlight
  • LOGO: Acrylic logo, hollow logo, etc.

Layout description

Entrance area

As you see the whole store is a very classical rectangle location. The whole store has three areas. the computer display area, cell phone display area, and phone accessories area. Near the entrance door is a display counter for computers and a menu board. Besides, a blue counter stand in front of the window with posters is good to show attractive products. While the bottom facing the entrance is a glass display cabinet with hooks. It’s a perfect place for hot sale items.

Middle area

The center shop has a middle counter with drawers. The brand logo on the body gives a deep impression, and here can also be regarded as an experience zone. Customers can experience different models of products. Behind it is a round table with chairs. The backside is a reception desk with a brand wall. It is a multifunctional reception desk, which can be used as a repair desk, customer opinion desk, cash register, etc.

Left and right side

There are many 2.4m high display stands on both sides of the store. It is mainly used to display phone cases, earphones, and other phone accessories. We use wooden shelves and aluminum grooved panels for display. At the bottom of the whole shelf is a row of cabinets for storing items. Besides, the top is a hidden spotlight, and the bottom of each wooden board is a hidden led light strip, which looks very bright and attractive. In front of the wall cabinet are different kinds of display counters for mobile phones and computers. 

Cell phone store

High quality and good service

Professional design services

Our designers are excellent, they focus on the beauty and practicality of the cabinet. They strive to innovate so that you have a unique cell phone store design. A professional design is very important for a cell phone store furniture. It shows the counter location, color, style, light decoration directly. And you can see the effect of products directly and choose a perfect cell phone shop design.

High-quality produce services

The workers have more than 10 years of experience in making display cabinet furniture. They have skilled technicians and pay attention to production details. Good price and high quality are our guarantees for customers. 

After-sale services

A professional sales team can help you solve problems quickly. From design-order-delivery-sales, we will serve you. When you have any questions about receiving the goods, we will provide you with online guidance. So please send an inquiry when you have needs.

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