Mobile Phone Kiosk Red and White Phone Repair Counter for Sale

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Glad to know you are looking for a mobile phone kiosk for business. A smartphone kiosk is a good place to start a business, improve sales, and promoting brands. It is also good to sell mobile phones, phone accessories and do phone repair services. Today, let’s view more information about this phone kiosk.

Mobile phone kiosk design

Phone kiosk includes a phone glass showcase, phone repair counter, storage cabinet, advertising, and brand logo wall. It can install in the shopping center, mobile phone store, service center.

phone kiosk

smart phone standLayout introduction

This mobile phone kiosk has a total of 4 entrances in two corners, which allow people purchase phone and phone accessories freely. It has a high stand to show the brand logo and posters. Cashier counter set behind to check bills. We can also add crowd control here to avoid people in darkness.

The front side is a phone display counter and multi-shelving glass cabinet. The mobile phone stands in two lines on the display counter, it uses as a phone experience counter. While under tale is a slat wall cabinet with a glass door. That can increase the display showcase area. Brand logo attaches at the bottom.

phone boothThe back counter total has a glass display counter with a white door behind it. The Middle area is a phone repair counter, we can do phone repair service here. An L shape display stand is set at the corner to hang phone covers and charges with hooks. The bottom area has lock doors for storage.

Size Details

This phone kiosk size is 6m by 3m. It can be customized in size according to your location. Choose a unique mobile phone kiosk is very important for business


Red and white color. If you need other colors, just let us know to change them.


Materials include body material MDF, surface material baking paint. Stainless steel kicking, tempered glass, 3D acrylic logo. We can also use other materials to create different phone kiosk effects.

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