Metal Style Outdoor Coffee Kiosk Design in Saudi Arabia

outdoor coffee kiosk

Are you looking for nice coffee kiosk designs? Recently, outdoor coffee kiosks become popular, as it’s a good place for people to date, meet friends, and just relax. Besides, the outdoor kiosk is also a good business idea as it’s easy to operate. Now, I want to share a metal-style outdoor coffee kiosk with you.

Outdoor kiosk design idea

The clients choose a favorite style as basic design and require us to build an outdoor kiosk fit 10m by 4m locations. As for a custom kiosk, we recommend making a 3D design, because when the size is different, the layout, structure, and furniture layout are different. The owner agreed to it and tell us that he needs stainless steel counters for work. Designers take 5 workdays to complete the whole design and render clear photos.

street store coffee kiosk

outdoor food kioskIntroduction of outdoor kiosk

This outdoor coffee kiosk includes a kitchen room, service counter, and dining table with chairs. Workers can convenient to work and clients can also enjoy coffee here.

Kitchen room counter

The kitchen room is for preparing food and coffee. It has many storage cabinets and counters. Refrigerators and water sink set here.

Service counter

The service counter is set in the middle facing the entrance door. You can service every client and help them order coffee and food. Brand logo set on the counter body with light, clients can remember your shop and warm service.

outdoor coffee kioskDining table with chairs

Dining table and chairs set in the suitable area, that makes full use of space and allow more clients sit down and enjoy their meals. You can also add a sofa, bar counter and chairs to meet different clients’ needs.

Slogan and posters are put up on the wall, that can guide people to order their drinks. Therefore, it is very necessary to update the posters regularly, which is conducive to guiding customers to try new products in order to increase sales.

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