Outdoor street food booth milk shake kiosk customize design

With temperatures rising everywhere, this is the perfect time for a cold drink. Milkshake is a nutritious and healthy drink, loved by men and women, especially young people. If you want to open a food business in outdoor, you can make an outdoor food booth.

We have many outdoor food booth design for different foods. No matter what kind of food you sell, we can make a suitable outdoor food kiosk for you. So that you can use this kiosk to start your food business and earn a lot of money. Below let us see an outdoor street food booth milk shake kiosk design together.


An outdoor food booth can for you to start a food business in the outdoor. It can resist the hard weather in the outdoor and you can close it when you work off on the night. The front side is a ice machine with a 3d lighted logo.

On the back side is a work counter with the water sink and storage cabinet. The wall has the display shelf can put some glass cups and some pictures for decoration.



Because the outdoor food kiosk need to resist the hard weather, the material we need to use strong and good material. We will use the metal material as the basic material to make the frame of the outdoor food booth. And the inside we will use plywood, laminate, aluminum-plastic panel and stainless steel material.


Actually the outdoor kiosk not need to install, you can use it directly when you receive it. We will put everything inside the outdoor food kiosk and ship it to you by sea. You just need to open it and connect the wire to your local power supply then the whole outdoor food booth will work.

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