Drive thru coffee shop outdoor cafe kiosk street food booth design

Nowadays coffee shops have become the first choice for gathering or spending time. And more and more people want to have their own coffee shop, can smell the coffee every day, chat with guests, and earn money, this is a wonderful thing.  

Running a coffee shop seems to be the dream of many people, but the reality is that starting a coffee business is not easy. If you are planning to open a coffee shop business, please follow with us for the below outdoor coffee shop design.



This is an outdoor coffee kiosk open in the street. When the people drive thru and want to buy the coffee, they can come to the outdoor coffee shop.

It has a window for the customer to order and pick up the coffee. Inside is the work counter and the space for the equipment machines.

The coffee kiosk design has the lighted logo and the lighted acrylic strip looks really attractive.



We can make a customize outdoor coffee kiosk design for you. Please send us your location size and if you have a logo and so on.

You can check some designs on our website and get back to us about what kind of style you prefer.

Our designer will make a new outdoor coffee shop design for you and send it to you. You can check and let us know your ideas.

If you are not satisfied with the design, we can change it according to your ideas. When you confirm the final 3d outdoor coffee kiosk design, we will make the construction drawing for you. Then you can send it to the government for approval. If you have any requirements about the material, we can make it as your need.


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