Mall used black and white hairdressing kiosk for sale

A Hairdressing kiosk becomes more and more popular in the shopping center. People can change new fashion hair stylings when shopping, very convenient, and easy access. Shopping malls usually have certain requirements for the merchants they enter. For customers, there are certain guarantees for doing hairdressing in the mall. For store owners, shopping malls have brought many potential customers, and those who shop in the mall can become customers. Here is an attractive hair salon kiosk sharing here


Balck and white hair cut kiosk in the mall

This is an upscale black and white curl kiosk used in the mall center. It’s good to provide haircutting services, hairdressing services, etc. We can rent a place at size 5m by 2m for the Golen Curl brand. The hairdressing kiosk is backed by the stairs between the two columns. So, we make it a large wall for a working station and put a brand logo. Which makes people remember you better. However, when we have a limited budget, we can rent a location around 10ft by 10ft. And we can change this style a little to fit for new space.

Hairstyling station decoration

Color decoration:

The basic decoration is white and black in color. Many service kiosks use black and white stripes decoration, which can enhance the store level. And it suits the public’s aesthetics. The gold logo on the back wall and front desk make the shop standing out. What attracted me most is the trapezoidal mirror. They are placed frontally and rotated 180 degrees next to each other. Which makes the whole shop more interesting. Do you think so?

Layout decoration

This hairdressing kiosk has a very simple layout. It’s an open service kiosk. The backside has 4 working stations with a light mirror. Between two seats has a tilted display stand for placement. In the middle wall is a trapezoidal display with a TV inside, while the top is a golden brand sign. Do you notice the hair counter also in trapezoidal? The owner likes the shape so much, and we can also use any share to decorates the kiosk, such as Triangle, circle, hexagon, etc. 

What should I do if I want to showcase items taken away? The front side has two rectangular display counter. It has glass display shelves inside and round corners to avoid sharp angles. Hot sale products in different categories can be arranged neatly for purchase. In the center has a reception counter, or we can also call the bill desk.

Material decoration:

MDF is the body material. If the mall manager requires good raw materials, we can use flame retardant MDF to build the kiosk body. Baking painting with a high gloss effect is the surface material. Other materials include mirrors, light lamps, stainless steel, glass, etc.

How to make the hair kiosk?

  1. Decorate the kiosk according to the floor plan. We can get a floor plan when signing the contract. Then we should decide how to decorate in a good way.
  2. Find a designer to show your needs in a drawing. The more details they know, the more accurate hairdressing kiosk design you get. In our factory, the design service needs 300usd and will give you the first drawing within 5 working days.
  3. Confirm the final design. If you like the hairdressing kiosk, please confirm it as the final design. When you find somewhere not good, please tell the designer where has to be better.
  4. Quotation. As for custom-made hairdressing kiosks, we can only confirm the price based on the confirmed design. The 300usd design fee will deduct from the total amount.
  5. Production. Produce process follows the design drawing, so please make sure the construction drawing is correct. And we will upgrade progress photos regularly.
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