Hairdressing kiosk in the mall —–The haircut is a very popular business. Girls often go to the barbershop to take care of their hair, and boys need to cut their hair every once in a while. So there are many customers in barbershops. So, in addition to the barbershop, where can we start our business? The mall is a very popular place. Because there are many people there every day, our business will be noticed by many people. We can see the mall has many hairdressing kiosks. If they need it they will come to us.

Hairdressing Kiosk Design Idea

The hairdressing kiosk I will introduce today is designed according to the requirements of our customers. It is a special style. We all know that mirrors, counters, and chairs are essential for haircuts. So when we design a haircut kiosk, the first consideration is to design a mirror station. The quantity can be determined according to the size and requirements of our kiosk. The size of our kiosk is 6x2m, and its work counter is a double-sided display. We have mirrors on both sides, and there are a total of 8 working positions. In addition to the work area, we also need to design some cabinets to display our products. Generally, barbershops will sell products related to this industry by the way. Such as shampoo, conditioner, curling iron, etc. So we can design several glass display cabinets. Another essential cabinet is the cash register. We need cashier’s place.


Kiosk Cabinet Placement

Our hairdressing kiosk is no exception. From the design drawing, we can see that our left and right sides are glass display cabinets, which can be used to display our products. The previous is our work position, our 8 work positions are divided into two parts, in the middle is our cash register. This design looks very reasonable and beautiful. Our display cabinets also need to be shaped appropriately to look more novel and innovative and have a sense of design. We will be attracted by our kiosk.

Our Logo

Logos can make us look more professional. Basically, all customers will add their logos to their kiosk. The first logo can be used as a decoration for our kiosk, and the second can increase the visibility of our brand. Over time, customers will remember us. This is very important for our brand development. We can install our logo on the cabinet. As shown in the design diagram.

Hairdressing Kiosk Material

In this hairdressing kiosk, we use MDF and baking paint. The materials of this kiosk include MDF, baking varnish, tempered glass, and acrylic. MDF is the base material of our kiosk, and the surface treatment is baking varnish. The application of baking varnish is very extensive, and the color rendering is very good. Glass is used for the display of our products, and acrylic is the material of our logo. We will provide and install the mirror. Including all the LED lights and sockets on the kiosk, here, you can get a complete kiosk.


Our installation is very simple. When you receive the goods, you can place them according to the position of the design drawings. Then connect the plugs under them. We will have a main wire inside the cash register, we need to connect it to the mall. If you still don’t understand, you can ask us when you receive the goods.

How to customize a kiosk?

If you want to customize your kiosk, you need to tell us what size you need and your requirements. If you have your favorite kiosk-style, you can send it to us. We can design the kiosk according to your requirements.

Can you provide a hairdressing kiosk 3D design for mall approval?

Yes, we can provide the kiosk design and construction drawings to you. You can send them to your mall for approval if they have any comments, you can tell us. We can modify the kiosk until it gets approval. Our design fee is 300USD, when we place an order, it will be returned to you.

What are your payment terms?

Our payment term is 50% deposit and 50% balance payment. We support TT wire transfer and Western Union. Our kiosk price is based on size, material, and style.


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