Yogurt is a dairy product, and its taste is unique. Today’s yogurt is often accompanied by other ingredients, they are mixed together, the taste is very good, and also attracts the attention of many customers. Perhaps our most commonplace to sell yogurt is the yogurt display kiosk in the mall. Many yogurts are sold together with ice cream. The properties of these two foods are similar and suitable for drinking in the summer. The main customer groups are teenagers and children. We all know that shopping malls are lively and prosperous places. Many people like to go shopping in shopping malls when they are okay. For food, we all buy it when we see it, it’s random. So doing business in the mall is the right choice. The exposure of our products will increase.

Yogurt Display Kiosk Details

Size: 3x2m

Material: MDF

Surface finish: Baking paint

Logo: Acrylic

Color: Green, magenta (it can be customized)

Production time: About 25 working days

From the design on the right, we can see that this kiosk is divided into two parts. The front is our work desk and cash register, and the back is our ice cream machine and sink. The cabinet of our workbench is curved, similar to the shape of a fish. Put some topping on it, we can put our ingredients here. We can finish the yogurt or ice cream from the machine behind and then add the condiments here. On the side of our ice cream machine is a refrigerator with some drinks inside. These can also be used for sale.

The colors of this kiosk are mainly green and magenta, these colors are designed according to customer requirements. For the yogurt display kiosk, sink, workbench, machine stand, and cash register are what we must have. We can make other appearance designs according to our ideas.

In this way, is this yogurt display kiosk very simple? When we design a kiosk, we need to integrate the machines we need to use. Sometimes the design is based on the machine.

The protruding board on the back of this kiosk can be used by customers. We can put a few bar chairs here, and our customers can eat yogurt here. So our back can be used as a seating area. The baffle glass can well separate the customer and our sink so that the customer experience will be better.

The logo is a must for all our shopping mall kiosks. It can be used as a decoration or to develop our brand. Let customers remember us.


How To Order Yogurt Display Kiosk?

If you are in this industry and you want to start your yogurt business in the mall, we can help you. We have been in the kiosk manufacturing industry for more than ten years and we have our own factory. From kiosk design, production to transportation, we can help you complete it.

Everyone gets a different position in the mall, and our kiosk also needs to be submitted to the mall for review. The first thing we need to do is to make a kiosk design. This design must be the same as the kiosk we use in the mall. So we must make a new design.

We will design our kiosk according to the size of your shopping mall, your machine, and your requirements. It is allowed to be modified, so you don’t have to worry that you don’t like it. We can provide all the details of the kiosk for your store review. If the mall has suggestions, we can also modify the kiosk.

When the design is approved, there are no problems. Oh, we will arrange production and transportation.

How do you charge?

The design fee for the kiosk is $300, which will be returned to you when we place the order. Our kiosk price is based on its size, material, and style. When we get the mall approval, you need to pay a 50% deposit and 50% balance payment before shipment.


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