Yogurt is one of my favorite foods, it is very popular in the market. We can often see it on the street or in the mall. The shopping mall yogurt display stand is actually very easy to understand. It is like a work surface, providing us with a space for placing machines and working. We are surrounded by counters and we work inside. When customers pass by, they can buy it if they are interested in our yogurt. Its job is very simple. Ordering a yogurt display stand is also very simple.

Unique Mall Kiosk

We are a shopping mall kiosk manufacturing factory, we have our own sales team and design team. They are responsible for communicating with you and designing kiosks. You can see a lot of mall kiosk designs on our website. These designs are made according to the requirements of our customers. We have a lot of experience in kiosks. If you want to order a mall kiosk, the first thing you need to do is to submit the design to your mall, and only if they pass your design, we can start production.

So, if you make a yogurt display stand. You need to provide us with the size of your shopping mall, your logo, your machine, and your ideas. Only in this way can we design an accurate kiosk that meets your requirements. Now let us introduce in detail how the shopping mall yogurt display stand is designed, worked, and produced.

Yogurt Display Stand Description

Size: 10x10ft

Material: MDF

Surface finish: Baking paint

Countertop: Man-made stone

Others: Sink, lightbox, logo, sockets, LED light

Production time: About 25 working days

Although this stand is called a yogurt display stand, it can sell more than yogurt. It can also sell ice cream, cakes or popcorn, and other snacks. The food kiosk is actually the same as the bar in our snack bar. We all work on the table. We can see that the countertop of this kiosk is some of our machines, such as a hot pot for tea or a popcorn machine. This counter is also our workbench. There are some sockets under our counter for our machines to run.

In addition to the machine, we also need a place for the cash register. Customers can order food and check out here, which is very important. For the yogurt display stand. Topping is also very necessary, it is used to put all our condiments, it is divided into many containers, we can match different yogurt flavors here.

On the backside of our stand are two large ice cream machines. These are our main machines. If you need a board that surrounds the machine like this stand, then we need to know the size of the machine. Next to the ice cream machine is the sink. We all know that ice cream and yogurt are sticky, and a sink is necessary for us. We need water to wash our hands and tools. If you have other machines, we can put them under the counter, such as refrigerators.

Yogurt Display Stand Decoration

Said it is decoration, in fact, it is very useful. We can have a few glowing yogurt pictures on the top of our stand. This is our lightbox, we can choose to put product pictures or our menu. The pictures inside can be replaced. Including the lightbox diagram outside the stand, it can also be replaced. In addition to the lightbox, another decoration is our logo. The logo is the key to developing the brand and making customers remember us. It can also make our stand look more professional.



Yogurt Display Stand Assemble

The above is the design of our yogurt display stand. After confirming the design, we will start production. Each of our stands has a detailed drawing, and the workers in our factory strictly follow our drawings to produce. So we need to confirm the drawings before we can start production. In addition to the machine, what we provide is a completed stand. We will install the lightbox. logo, sockets, and LED light. When you receiving the goods, you don’t need to install them.

But considering the transportation problem, we pack this stand into several small cabinets. When you receive the goods, you need to put the separate cabinets together, then connect the male and female connectors at the bottom of them, and then connect our main wires to the mall.


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