Mobile phones are very popular all over the world. If you want to open a mobile phone shop or mobile phone kiosk, you can find a good manufacturer to provide the source of goods. Mobile phone kiosks or mobile phone shops can sell mobile phones, mobile phone cases, mobile phone accessories, computers, iPads, etc. Here I want to share a mobile phone kiosk to Australia to you. It is really popular and attractive.

Attractive Phone Kiosk for Sale

As you see this cell phone repair kiosk mainly tone is white and blue. Basic material is MDF, the surface is baking painting finished.  Three sides of this phone kiosk are glass display shelves. the top part hidden led light strip. The left side is a cashier counter and repair counter. the front part matches some aluminum groove plate display. The bottom of this kiosk inside with many drawers. It’s very nice for storage. Surface of this kiosk is stainless steel skirting, also with white led light strip. it’s very nice and bright. 

Production Details

  • Size: 5000X3000mm.
  • Color: white, blue or customized.
  • Material: MDF, Tempered glass.
  • Surface: white and blue baking paint.
  • Accessories: acrylic logo, led light strip.
  • Service: mobile phone. phone case, phone repair.


  1. Design time: 2-5 working days
  2. Production time: 22-25 working days
  3. Shipping time: Based on which port you near to.


Production Process

Before we submit the construction drawings and 3d design to the factory. We will send these to you, after you confirm these, we will start to produce. Firstly, we will do the wooden cabinet according to the construction drawings, like the size, and the material, and the socket place. We will reserve the place for the sockets and reserve the electric line. Second, polish the wooden cabinet. This step will make your kiosk more smooth, and the final effect will be more bright. After the polish, we will start to do baking paint. The baking paint divide two parts, one is for the 4 primers, another step is for 2 baking paints. Finally, we will install the logo, light strip, sockets and the glass display showcase.

Production Photo


There are some questions from our designer, you can take these as a reference. If you have any problems, please feel free to tell us.

How Install it by Myself?

When we produce the phone kiosk, we will produce these for several parts. When you receive the phone kiosk, you will put the cabinet together according to the construction drawings. Then connect the electric wire, the phone kiosk can work successfully.

How Can I Order it?

  • Firstly, you need to do the 3d design firstly. Then you can submit the 3d design and construction drawings for approval.
  • Second, after you confirm the 3d design and drawings, we will produce it
  • Third, before produce the kiosk, please arrange the 50% production deposit.
  • Forth, quality inspection and take the photos and videos to you.
  • Fifth, before loaded the kiosk, please arrange the rest payment.

Can You Assist us to Get the Approval from the Mall?

Sure, we have professional design team, and can do the 3d design with your size, your logo, and your needs. Then you can submit the 3d design and construction drawings for approval. If there any modification, we also can assist you to modify it. In general, our construction drawings can get the approval.

Thanks for your time and reading, Unique Display is a direct supplier mainly work on the design and customized different type of mall retail kiosk. If you’re interested to start your cell phone repair kiosk project, you can tell us. We can discuss together, and work out the solid plan for your needs.

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