Lovely style ice cream cart mobile street food stall

Ice cream is a hot sale food in the summer. Many people love ice cream not only the children. Do you have an idea to start an ice cream business? We suggest you can make a small ice cream cart for a start first.

Our ice cream cart can use for the street, park or any other indoor and outdoor area. You can move the ice cream cart to different places to sell the ice cream. It is flexible and convenient. Now let us have a look at a lovely style ice cream cart together.



Please follow with me for the details of this cute ice cream cart design. The size of this ice cream cart is about 1500 x 800 x 2200 mm. This size of the ice cream cart can be enough for 1-2 people to work here.

We can see the top has 2 ice cream models and a logo board write ” ICE CREAM “. The ice cream cart has 4 wheels can for you to move it to the place you want.

Under the countertop, if you want to put the fridge it is no problem. You can send the size of the fridge to us, then we will leave the exact space for the fridge. On the countertop, you can display some ice cream models to attract customers.



The size, the color of the ice cream cart we all can customize for you with your need. Our design team will make a new 3D model for you and this will charge a 300USD design deposit.

The reason to make a customized 3D design is for us to see how it look if you want any changes of the design. If you want the same design like this one then not need to make the design. You can order it directly.

Such a beautiful and cheap ice cream cart then you can start the business. What a wonderful thing! If you’re tempted, just cntact us.

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