Cosmetics are very popular in our life. We sell chemicals and need a good-looking cosmetic display case to display the products. Cosmetics showcase must design a personalized showcase according to different space sizes and conditions. We want to present the advantages of our products as much as possible in the only space, and we want to better display the other side of the products in front of customers through showcases.

Next, I will introduce the cosmetic kiosk to you as a reference. The kiosk has some display stands which can display the lipstick.

L shape display stand: the left of the L shape is display stand, and can display stand according to your requirements. The right of the stand is cashier desk. The front of the desk has a logo which can make the people know the brand clearly. Inside of the L shape has a sink, which you can wash your hands.

Display stand with Logo, the display stand has two area. The top of the stand is light box, and you can advertise your product clearly.  You can put the poster that you have and interested in. The top of the stand has a logo. And can advertise your goods. And the bottom of the kiosk has storage which can store your goods.The back of the display stand has a logo

Long Display Counter, One end of the display stand has a display stand. The stand has a mirror which you can try the lipstick, and choose the favorite color. The bottom of the stand has a storage, which can store your goods.


The main material of the kiosk is MDF, and the surface of the kiosk is baking paint. And it is glossy effect, and will make the whole kiosk more high-end.

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