Modern Beauty Kiosk Hair-Care Products Showcase

This is a bright hair attending a product showcase, we will test products and buy it from here. When we shop in the mall, we are usually attracted by beauty services. This time I will introduce a beauty kiosk for your business.

The hairdressing products kiosk includes tempered glass display cabinets, sales windows, advertising machines, and a cashier counter.

beauty kiosk

Description of the beauty kiosk

  • size:3*2m, also based on your size
  • main material: MDF with baking paint, tempered glass, stainless steel
  • color: white silver
  • surface material: baking paint
  • design idea: meet customer’s requirement
  • design time :3-5 working days
  • production time: 22-25 working days

beauty kiosk

Details show of this hair-care products kiosk

At the bottom counter body, it has drawers for you to put inventory.  In addition, we can see this kiosk has four wheels for mobile, so it is convenient for you to display your products and sell them from different angles. On the top of the white counter, most are grey glass showcases, customers can see products through them. What’s more, we can see a top ceiling with many bulbs, the top is made of stainless steel. we reserved many places for light.

Design details

We are a custom factory with professional experience with an excellent design team and workers. We will try our best to meet your needs when you have the requirements for us. If you have any needs for the furniture and kiosk, please contact us and let us help to solve your questions and reach the cooperation. You can send us your own brand logo, and then we will put it on the kiosk. Because the location size of each customer and the logo are different. That is why we need to customize the 3d design.

This is our website:

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