Luxury Makeup Kiosk Highend Cosmetic Booth in the Mall

A luxury makeup kiosk gives people a good feeling and can also high level your shop. Choosing a suitable cosmetic counter is helpful for your business, it can increase the added value of the makeup products. Whether you’re ready to boost your brand image or open a new store. This cosmetic kiosk is very useful.

makeup counter3D design of makeup kiosk

This makeup kiosk has a curved counter in one corner, that looks elegant because there is a display in a circle. While the front body has a brand name in golden color. Next to it is stairs display with a glass showcase, each layer has a round hole to place items. Clients can view and purchase products well. There is a tall tower display with a sloped top. The TV players attach on both sides.

cosmetic kioskThere are two display counters with a 3 stairs display. It looks like an L shape counter set at another corner. The entrance and exit of the cosmetic cabinet have 2 doors, they open from the middle in order to adapt to the width of the counter. We can also choose a sliding door that hides on the counter when opened.

More information

Size: 3m by 3m. We can customize kiosk sizes to fit your location.

Material: We mainly use MDF as basic material to build the makeup kiosk. And the finish is high glossy baking paint. It has smooth tough and looks high-end. The kicking is in golden metal effects according to special requirements. Besides, we also add flooring light to increase the brightness.

Color: The main color is white with golden metal decoration.

If you find another color that matches your business well, don’t hesitate to tell us. We have an excellent design team to do unique kiosk design for you.

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