Cosmetic is very popular in our life. When you enter into the shopping mall, you can see that there are many skin care display stand counters in the mall, and most of the women will stand front at the display counter and choose the product.

We all know that different people has different skin type, so that ‘s why so many people will buy the skin care product on the display counter or in the shop. It is safe and is guaranteed.

Next, I will introduce the cosmetic display stand to you as a reference.


Display Counter

The display counter include the display area, cashier desk and advertising area.

Display area, the back of the display area. The right of the stand has the three circled. Inside of the circled will install the light strip. The inside of the stand has the glass shelves. And the edge of the glass shelves and can display your product. One side of the stand has a light box which can advertise your product. You can send me the poster which you are interested in.

The front of the kiosk has a circled stand, and can display your goods on the top. The side of the kiosk has a cashier desk. The front of the reception desk has a logo which can make people know the brand clearly.

The floor can make the whole kiosk more tidy and clean. Because we can install the electric line in the floor, and can connect with the stand conveniently.

As for the 3d design, we are direct custom manufacturer, and can customize the mall kiosk according to your requirements. Contact us if you want to make the cosmetic kiosk to suit your requirements and mall standards.

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