Luxury Cosmetic Kiosk & Makeup Counter in Dubai

A high-end make-up counter not only high level your shop, but also makes people trust you. Before opening a cosmetic kiosk, it’s better to make a unique cosmetic kiosk that fits your business. If it’s your first business, this makeup kiosk helps you better.

Luxury cosmetic kiosk design

This cosmetic kiosk size is 3m by 3m, it has display counters, storage cabinet, ceiling, and metal support. The main color of the cosmetic kiosks is black with golden decoration. It has a glass display counter, showcase table, round table with chairs, and isolation belt. There is white and black flooring with light, that high light your shop.

Front display tables

We can see there are two display tables, it uses as sales window display that attract clients. Between two counters is an entrance, clients can go to the shop and learn more information. There is a golden line and pattern decoration matches the shop theme well. Two round columns in golden color are set at the finishes. While the countertop is white in color stone and black frame with light at the bottom. So. you can place more items here that clients can pick up easily.

 Back display counter

We can see the back area has a display counter in the middle, the same style as the front tables. And two corners have a squared glass display counter with LED lighting, which is good to show high-value products and hot selling items.

Brand sign stand

The brand sign stands set behind one glass counter, brand name and logo attach here to make more clients know you. A cashier counter was placed near the logo stand to check bills. This cosmetic kiosk has only one entrance, and the rest of the place is made of isolation tape. Besides, there is a golden pillar in the middle, which looks very beautiful.

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