With the development of the makeup supermarket, the makeup product is vevry popular. Makeup remover is really popular, and everyone need it when they removing the makeup. It is first step when we go home after our busy day. Makeup remover is huge supermarketm, and you can cath the oppertunity and start your first business.

And after you choose the good product, and you need to buy a display stand to display your product. Next, I will introduce the makeup kiosk to you as a reference. And then you can get some inforamtion and absorb some ideas from it.


the size of the makeup kiosk is 10*12feet, and there are three sides to display the product. One side is display sheves which has enough space to display the makeup remover products. And the end of the display shelves has a high stand which can advertise the product.

One side display area has many single display stand withe different color. These color can make the whole kiosk more high-end and outstanding. Front of the stand has light box which has the relevent color. The top of the stand has the galss showcase and can display the product clearly.

The final side is reception desk and service desk. And the front and side of the counter has a set of the logo. The logo can make the whole kiosk more unique and let most people know it. The inside of the kiosk has storage place, and can store the goods better.




There are some light strip on the floor, which can decorate the makeup kiosk also.

Production Process

The kiosk we use the MDF as the main material. The first step is to make the wooden cabinet, and then polish the surface of the wooden cabinet.  And we need to do the white primers to make it easy to do the backing paint. The edge of the counter has the sliver stainless steel, and can decorate the kiosk and make the kiosk more unique.



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