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Store location

In fact, there is not much to say, but still choose the most conspicuous, high-traffic places, and the store is best to give people a very spacious feeling.

However, there is a difference between the location of the business hall and the convenience store. If you have a business hall and a mobile phone store in the town where you are located, you should try to choose a concentrated place to open. Customers who buy mobile phones are not the same as customers who buy snacks in convenience stores. They tend to choose places where mobile phone stores are concentrated, and then each store goes in to take a look, stroll around, and finally decide which one to buy, will not It’s like going to a convenience store and buying it and leaving. So if there is no other mobile phone business hall around you, and only your family is there, many customers will not go to your place at all.

So this is why many first-tier cities, capital cities of various provinces, will see the kind of shopping malls such as computer cities, electronic malls, and then many mobile phone shops.

How to start it if you want to start the phone accessories business? Here are some guides for you:

You need to find a location first, it can be a mall location or store. Then please let us know the size of your location. Our designer will make a new store design with your own logo and your location size.

The design we will charge 500USD-800USD design deposit but it will deduce from the total cost, so in fact, it is for free.

We will revise the design until we get approval from the shopping mall.

After the customer confirm the final 3D design, we will move forward to the construction drawing.



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