Hello, i will introduce the Cell-Phone Display Counter & Phone Display Showcase in Retail Store to you today. In physical stores, our consumption experience is different.Under the influence of consumption habits, most consumers like to see the real thing.They will choose to try to see if the phone is right for them.At that time, store staff can personally show customers the features of the phone.Consumers can also try out whether the phone is right for them. In a mobile phone store, consumers follow the instructions of a shopping guide.Its after-sales service is reassuring in physical stores.Because sometimes the phone has a glitch, physical stores will provide free accessories.That’s why so many people choose bricks-and-mortar stores.

Before we open the phone store, we need to consider how to decorate the shop? in order to attract more customers to enter into your shop.

The Design,

We all know that the first impression is very important, so we should pay a attention to the decoration of the phone store. Our company is design and production in a body. Firstly we can do a design to show your needs. Second, we can produce it according the design. What will you do before the design? you need to tell us what size of the phone store do you need.? we do the design according your size completly. If you have favorite style of the Cell-Phone Display Counter in phone store, you can tell me freely. We do the design according your needs. Then the design finished, the design will show all of your needs, you can see it clearly. If you have some place need to change, we also help you modify it.

The Details:

  • The phone store use the MDF as a main material;
  • the baseboard use the stainless steel;
  • the surface we use the baking painting;
  • the shop size is 60 square meters or as size you want
  • display area use the cabinet counter;
  • the logo use the Acrylic.

How to order the phone store furniture?

  • Making confirmed 3D Max design according to customers’ requirements;(3-5 working days)
  • Making the technical drawings of the product according to the confirmed 3D Max design;
  • Start manufacturing;(22-25 working days)
  • Assemble the product and take photos;
  • Shipping package

Contact Information

Name: Karena

Email: sales01@myidea-kiosks.com

Tel: 008613410560420


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