With the development of technology, mobile phones achieve many things in our daily life. People can handle work on the phone, communicate with friends from far away, watch the news, and for entertainment. It’s a great idea to open a mobile phone shop, you can sell mobile phone accessories, phone cover, data cables, etc in the phone store. And even provide phone repair services. When your decoration the phone accessories shop in a unique way, you can gain more clients and earn money. Because an attractive phone repair shop can better showcase the items you sell and make your shop stand out. Here is a high-end phone repair shop design for your reference

How to decoration the mobile phone shop in a unique way?

Before starting your own business, you must think about the question first. The beautiful mobile phone shop decoration is not only a symbol of your brand but can also leave a deep impression on people. So, they can find you and choose you when they are in need. Many entrepreneurs have no idea about mobile phone shop decoration if you are one of them. Please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our designer can come up with new ideas to meet your demands.

Tips on making a unique mobile phone shop

  • Make a floor plan for the phone shop furniture. The floor plan can let you know how to put display showcases in a good way
  • Choose colors and styles for your phone accessories shop. If you have a brand name and logo, the color that reflects your brand is the best choice
  • Find a suitable phone shop display counter and wall stand. It’s better to make the phone shop design first. When you think it matches your shop style, we can make follow the design drawing. Therefore, you can receive the right furniture. phone repair counter

3D design drawing

Display Furniture

There are generally many types of furniture in mobile phone accessories stores because there are many kinds of mobile phone accessories, such as earphones, Bluetooth speakers, data cables, and charging heads. We need to use different furniture to display different products. From the above design drawing, we can see the furniture display of the whole shop. It is mainly divided into left and right parts. Slat wall display cabinets and grid display cabinets.

Slat wall high cabinet

This kind of wall shelf display is most commonly used in mobile phone accessories stores. It displays our products through hooks. Our headsets, data cables, and products with boxes can all be displayed with a hook. A hook can display several products, so its capacity is also very large.

Grid display cabinet

The grid display is shown in the picture. It is an open space without cabinet doors and glass doors. We can put our products directly in it, and it can also be used as a storage space. You can put our mobile phone box or some larger electrical products. The size of the grid can be customized, and we can design the size of our display space according to the size of your product.

These two displays are actually made as a whole cabinet. The upper part is the slat wall display. The lower part is the grid display. The size of the grid is different, so it also has a sense of design, not too single. Mobile phones are a symbol of technology and the progress of the times, and our designs must also show fashion and high-end. We support all thoughtful designs and are committed to helping you create a unique mobile store display.

Mobile phone display stand

The mobile phone display stand is essential for every mobile phone shop. There can be some test machines above, and our customers can check the appearance and performance of the mobile phone. If the customer is satisfied, they can buy it. So we need a display stand to display all our types of mobile phones. There are some mobile phone holders on its countertop so that we can fix our mobile phone on it, which is also convenient for customers to use.

Cash register & repair counter

The cash register is indispensable for every store, and its color and style can be consistent with our other display furniture. If you also have a mobile phone repair service, I think our repair desk can be put together with the cash register. The repair desk is generally a small cabinet at the front desk. We can put a repair sign on the cabinet so that customers know that we have this service.


The above is the design effects and ideas of this store. Do you like its display effect? If you also have a new store, we strongly recommend that you do a design, because the only design can present everything. Including the location, quantity, style, and overall effect of the furniture. This is very convenient for us to make decisions and purchases. We have our own communist and design team, after completing and confirming the design, we will start production.

The 3D design fee of the store depends on the content of the design and the size of the store. You can send us the floor plan or size of your store, and we will quote you the price of a design. After receiving the design fee, our design time is 3-4 working days. Before designing, we cannot give the price of furniture in our shop. Because our price depends on the quantity, material, and style of the furniture. Only one completed design, we can give you a completed quotation.



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