Jewelry showcases for retail store 3d design watch display cabinets

No matter jewelry or watch, they are all popular now. Women prefer jewelry and men prefer watches. Good jewelry or watches can add to our charm. As we all know, many jewelry or watches are famous brands. Of course, the price will be very expensive. When people have this purchase condition, they will buy it. Wearing name brands can satisfy people’s sense of vanity.  There are also many ones that are not famous brands but also very good-looking. Watches can mainly tell the time and many men who work in the company like to wear watches. We also can see many watch shops in the street. Today I want to share your about the jewelry and watch shop. There has some beautiful furniture, let’s look at the display cabinets.

The shop sells jewelry and watches and uses tall display cabinets and some normal glass showcase. Normal showcases display the jewelry and the tall display cabinets mainly show the watches. The cabinets are equipped with electric lights, which make them look especially bright. The doors of this shop are all-glass doors, so we made a display rack and put it beside the glass so that customers can see our products through the window. The furniture in here is very common in our daily life. But this kind of display embedded in the wall is a good way, and special and can save space. The shop doesn’t have any fancy decorations, but it looks clean and comfortable.

If you want to buy some furniture and design your shop. You can tell me about your ideas. We are a custom company and have our designers and factory. We did a lot of display furniture. So we can according to our client’s requirements to design and provide the furniture they want. So if you need some help, you can contact us. Our design time is 3-5 working days, you can send me your shop floor plan and tell me your business, then we can design it. We will design the display cabinets and inside decoration. You can see what your shop looks like in advance. If you have any questions, we welcome your inquiries.

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