In recent years, people’s income has increased, and the corresponding standard of living has also increased. High consumer groups are also growing, and there are still some consumers who are pursuing high-grade luxury goods. Demand for gold jewellery has continued to grow in the past decade, and the future market has great potential. The investment threshold of jewelry stores is relatively high, and the investment of one store is millions, making the competition relatively milder than other industries. In addition, there is a rigid demand for traditional marriage, and the demand for marriage is huge every year. And jewelry is difficult to be replaced by e-commerce, people generally do not choose online shopping, such high-value shopping malls, people are more inclined to buy in physical stores.So through now the competition is becoming bigger and bigger,but still have many new jewelry stores opened every year.How to attract customers is very important,you need ensure your shop decoration is very eye-catching, also the jewelry glass case style need be very nice.

you can see this jewelry shop theme is very high-end also looks very elegant.It used white match dark red.when first eye see it will feel very nice.the floor used light grey with red peony,ceiling comes with a big luxury light.One left and right side of the ceiling also have many Pendant chandelier,this kind lights decoration makes whole shop looks nice also they can make the jewelry looks shine.

this shop is not big,it is just 6m by 8m.But it is also very functional.left and right comes with many jewelry glass case and display stand.Middle has a Round jewelry glass case.On left and right side wall all have display window with shelves for model show.

Production Details:

Size: 48square meter or the size you want
Material: MDF,stainless steel,tempered glass
Finishing: white baking paint,light yellow baking paint,red baking paint
Color: white, red or as the color you want
Style: Modern design
glass: 8mm clear tempered glass
hardware: stainless steel handle

do you like this jewelry shop design?just feel free contact us for more details.



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