Hello Everyone, i will introduce the High-End Jewelry Reatil Showcase with Unique Design In Jewelry Store to you. For today’s women, jewelry is an expression of tasteful life. Women tend to think that their beauty gives the jewelry vitality and spirituality. And the setting of jewelry also makes women’s beauty more noble and moving. Women will convey their happiness message to people through jewelry, but also can reflect the taste of a woman. Wearing different jewelry shows different personalities and tastes. Therefore, we can look at a woman’s temperament based on the jewelry worn by the woman. Women can choose jewelry that suits them.  Whats more important is that women’s consumption is beyond your imagination.


So when you want to catch the opportunity, what things do you need to consider firstly? The Design will be important to open the jewelry shop. We need to open the shop that can catch customers’ sight.


To be honest, the good looking will attract more customers. So we need a good design to attract more people to enter your shop. In this way, you can make your customers potential customers.Because once girls have something they like, they’ll buy it. It’s just a matter of time. So you can tell us your shop szie and what requiremnet do you need. The design will show all of your needs.


Size: 80 square meter or the size you want
Material: MDF, Electroplated stainless steel
Finishing: white baking paint, coffee color baking paint.
Color: white, and coffee color as the color you want
Style: Modern design
glass: 8mm clear tempered glass
hardware: stainless steel handle
others: Acrylic logo, light box, lock


After you pay the 50% deposit, we can start to produce the kiosk. And when the kiosk have been finished, you need to pay the 50% balance. Then we can ship it to your port that close to you or the mall. The production time will spend about the 22-28 working days.


About the installation, its easy to control. When you receive these Jewelry Reatil Showcase , you just connect these to together. Then connect the shop power.

Contact Information

Contact Person: Karena Yang


Whatsapp or Wechat: 008613410560420


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