Speaking of jewelry, I believe most of my friends first think of high-end, luxury and other words. In the west, since the 18th century, aristocrats and celebrities began to choose personalized jewelry to match their clothes, to highlight their own distinctive.  At that time, custom-made jewelry was favored by the wealthy class. Not only it is unique, but also it is a symbol of mastery of wealth. So if you are interested, it is recommended that you open a personal customized jewelry shop. This will be more attractive.

The location of a jewelry store:

Why shall we find a good location for the jewelry store?

The location of a jewelry store is an important factor in determining the business of a jewelry store. In the process of selecting a location for the jewelry store, first, choose a superior geographical location. Investors can imagine, who would be willing to choose jewelry in a messy place? Even if the jewelry in this store is of first-rate quality and reasonable price, it is difficult to attract consumers. The jewelry store project pays great attention to the superiority of the location. It creates a good shopping environment for consumers and brings higher popularity to investors.

How to select the location of the jewelry store?

In the process of selecting the location of the jewelry store. Your attention should pay to the convenience of the traffic environment. The traffic environment directly affects consumers’ desire to buy. And also affects the flow of customers in the store. Jewelry store merchants are well aware of this and use convenient transportation to create a convenient shopping environment for consumers. A rich variety of jewelry and a variety of natural gemstones are integrated into one store, which brings more choices for consumers. Convenient transportation can naturally bring more customers.

The best location of the jewelry store:

Of course, in addition to choosing places with high passenger flow. You can also put small shops in large shopping malls. As long as it is a place frequently visited by female consumers. Such as popular shopping malls, clothing stores, women-only stores, etc. It seems that there is a lot of competition pressure, but it is actually a good thing for those excellent stores. Because the comparison is more outstanding, avoiding the location of the downtown area. Because there are few jewelry franchise stores that will open stores in such places. Then it is very easy to have a unique situation, for such a jewelry store location, it is to allow investors to monopolize the market.

About the design

When you want to open your own customized jewelry shop, we should finalize the shop style first. If you want a unique jewelry shop design, then we need to make a 3d design to see the whole jewelry shop effect.

Our company is the design, production, sale set at the same time. Before we do the design, you can tell us all your needs. You need to tell us about your shop size. Because the size is essential to build design. And about the layout, you can tell us what kind of product you want to display. And about the gem display showcase, you also can tell us, we can add it to the design. About the design fee, it based on your shop size ( shop design deposit is about 500-800USD, it depend on the size of your shop size ). But when you confirm the order, the design fee will deduct from your order deposit.

Production Details

  • Size: 60 square meters or customize as your shop size.
  • Material: Stainless steel, baking paint.
  • Color: white and golden.
  • Style: Modern design & High-end luxury design.
  • Glass: 8mm clear tempered glass.
  • Hardware: stainless steel toe kick.
  • Others: Acrylic logo, lighted box, all the drawers and cabinets have the same lock with key.

Some questions the customer interested:

Question: I have a shop location and want to make a jewelry shop 3d design, can you help me?

Answer: Yes, we can help you to make a new 3d design customize as your shop size.


Question: After I pay the design deposit, how soon can I get the 3d design for the jewelry store?

Answer: Our design team will make the 3d design and send within 3-5 working days.


Question: What if I am not satisfied with the design?

Answer: If you don’t satisfied with the design, our design team will discuss and update the 3d version of the jewelry shop.


Question: The mall requires the detailed construction drawing to check everything. Can you make it?

Answer: Yes, sure. We will make the construction drawing of the jewelry shop. It include the floor plan, materials, dimensions, electricity plan etc.


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