Elegant rose diamond shop interior design with diamond showcase display

Jewelry, as an ornament with storage value, is more and more popular with women. Bring glittering jewelry, you will feel that the whole person has become noble and elegant. The reason why women like it is mainly because it can make women more confident and beautiful. Diamonds have become the new darling of jewelry stores in recent years. You will find that on the first floor of many shopping malls are basically jewelry stores and jewelry kiosk, this is the best location, of course, the rent is also the most expensive. How to make customers want to choose your store at first glance? The decoration of the jewelry store is very important. Because the main consumer group of jewellery is women, the decoration of jewelry stores should be in line with women’s aesthetics and have unique today I want to share you a rose color diamond shop interior design.

Let’s see this diamond shop interior design together:

as we know,almost all girls and ladies like rose, it mean romatic.this jewelry shop design is very mainly used rose  red color match white.All jewelry showcase countertop used rose red,the feature wall also use rose color.Looks very elegant.The top ceiling flower shape lights make whole shop more beautiful.Then you can see this shop also very functional.when enter the shop firstly you will see a round showcase.Then left are in line glass jewelry showcase, right side has a jewelry kiosk.keep go inside will have a diamond kiosk.

then i want to metion about the materials used.See the diamond display showcase, the legs used is Galvanized stainless steel,looks very high-end.The surface used is light wood laminate,the top area used is tempered glass.

do you like this diamond shop design?if you also want to open a jewelry shop,we can help. we have professional design team,can help you create design and make inside furnitures!

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