Unique customize modern style car shape ice cream display kiosk for cool sports .This ice cream kiosk mall used the shop-in-shop display for indoors. If you need outdoor ice cream kiosk. please  visit >>> Outdoor kiosk .

if you want to make a mall kiosk to sell ice cream, juice, or others food, you maybe imagine your kiosk is so fancy and attractive, but you almost don’t imagine your kiosk is a sports cart shape, you should think it doesn’t become real, however, find us unique kiosk, we can become it for real.

look at below cool sports cart photos, designs, ideas, and concepts.

This is not a real car with motor, But the display will give the customer a totally fresh and shocked impression. As we know, the ice cream business must have the ability to attract more customer. This concept ice creams kiosk design will help you easily achieve that goal.

The design is very amazing, realistic, four wheels are real car’s wheels, head of car design also is very cool and real, customers logo as model brand, also have air outlet, you can see there are rearview mirror; head of car part we put an ice cream display equipment, this equipment size is just to put into; inside of car is food preparation counter,

We copy Popsicle shape as a colorful tower, you can see it is a very attractive; more elegant part is tailstock, have sofa and desk is a seating area, i think whole car design shape is very cool and warm. 

Imagine if you have a sports car shape kiosk in the shopping center to sell ice cream, that is how cool, any people all stopped and see it, children more like it. if you are interested in our kiosk, welcome inquiry.

Want to check the best price for this ice cream kiosk concept? Please do not hesitate to sent us an inquiry.

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