Creativity fried ice cream kiosk design export to Miami

Summer is coming, are you start to start your ice cream store business? are you still worried can’t find a great ice cream kiosk design? Here you will find what you want. Today, what I wanna share is a United stated popular fried ice cream kiosk design. We had done two sets before and export to Miami port. 

You can see this fried ice cream kiosk mainly tone is white, purple. Match a little green and wood grain strip. It’s very modern and exquisite. The whole kiosk basic material is plywood. And surface is baking painting finished. the white Corian countertop.

ice cream kiosk

The front part of this kiosk mainly for making fried ice cream. With three fried ice cream machine, a stainless steel container with a glass cover for burdening display. The left sides is a cashier counter, with luminescence acrylic logo and menu list lightbox. The back sides of this kiosk is a beverage refrigerator and three holes stainless steel sink. The next to is some wooden counter for storage.

You can see the whole kiosk surface with solid wood strip decoration. Lightbox and luminescence acrylic logo. It’s very nice and bright.

ice cream kiosk

More information on this kiosk:

Size:10X12ft or customized.

Material: E1plywood, white fireproof plate, purple fireproof plate, green fireproof plate. Solid wood strip. Corian countertop.

Service: fried ice cream, bubble tea, smoothie, milkshakes and more.

Accessories: luminescence acrylic logo, menu lightbox.

Here are more real production photos for reference.

fried ice cream kiosk

Some suggestion to build a mall kiosk project : 

1. At first, you need a schedule for the whole project. Need to talk with shopping mall share your project ideas and get a place lease.

2.Then you need have a plan for the time schedule, Prepare at least three months for the entire project. Some of the more remote countries will take even longer. Confirm opening time and sign the lease contract.

3.The kiosk design must unique and Creativity, find a professional direct supplier is very important. They can help you design and give you some good ideas.
4.Learn the Mall requirements. Some famous mall such as GGP, Simon, and Westfield is very strict. They have mandatory requirements for materials, height, and safety. Such as must use fire retardant panel for basic material, surface need use Corian. Sink must is 3tank stainless steel etc.

Thanks for your time and reading. If you wanna further info or interested start an ice cream kiosk like this one, pls feel free to contact us as below. thank you!

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