Use man-made Translucent stone to make your bar counter more attractive

Bar counter and reception counter need in many places. Especially like a hotel, company,  restaurant, coffee shop, etc.

They are widely used as necessary furniture. When you go to a shop, as usually the first eye you see will be the bar counter/reception counter. They will be used to do cash, provide a consultation service. If used for a restaurant or wine bar, the bar counter will also be used as a sale counter.

LED light bar counter design & manufacture

Everyone wanna their bar counter very attractive and nice. A creative bar counter can help attract customers, also make their shop looks nicer.

But how to create an amazing effect? In recent years, you can see more and more bar counters used Translucent stone.

See below some bar counters used Translucent stone:

Bar counter

Bar counter

Very amazing and eye-catching right? Compared to traditional bar counter use wood or stone. These bar counters used Translucent stone, inside add bright led light,  light shines from the inside. Make these bar counters seem very attractive and high-end.

You may ask why Translucent stone can achieve this kind of effect?

Here let’s see what’s Translucent stone and what features it has:

What’s Translucent stone:

Translucent stone is a new type of composite material, which is molded by mold casting. It is made of unsaturated resin.

It is uniquely crystal clear and transparent, have different kinds of colors and patterns can choose. after add led lights, will look very shiny, can meet different customer’s needs. 

What features it has: is very strong, durable like marble, but weighs much less than marble. So it begins to replace the marble.

 It is the most fashionable decorative material in the construction industry today.

2. it is Flame retardant, abrasion-resistant, impact-resistant, easy to maintain.

3. It can seamlessly splice and can be bent. Can achieve any shape according to customers’ needs.

Because of these special features. Translucent stone is gradually becoming the new favorite in the decoration building materials market.

So you can see that’s why many high-end restaurants, wine bars, hotels will choose it as decoration material. 

Especially for the bar counter, if you choose Translucent stone. It will make your bar counter looks more attractive.

Let’s share some Translucent stone decorations and bar counters together:

bar counter bar counter bar counter

Very amazing right? I can’t move my eyes from them. what about you? If you ready to do a bar counter or reception counter, wanna your bar counter more beautiful. You can take Translucent stone into consideration, that would be a good idea.

How to build a new reception counter with you?

We can make the design according to your size and all requirements. Such as color, style, and logo, etc. So that we can add it in 3D design and you can see the whole reception desk effect. We will send the design to you in 2-3 days. After you confirm the 3D design, we will also make construction drawings for you so that you can check everything is good. You need to pay 50% of the order deposit, and then we will arrange the production.

When the production is finished, We will send pictures and videos of all the furniture for your confirmation. And divide it into several parts for shipment. we will pack them with foam inside and wood crate outside to protect the products from damage during transportation.

Usually, our method of transportation is by sea to the port nearest to you. The shipping time is about one month and the exact time depends on your port. We can also provide door-to-door’s based on your request.

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