Bubble tea is one of the popular soft drinks services. it mainly located in the shopping center, street or own food store. Summer is coming, did you plan to start your own cold drinks business service? did you still worried can’t find a special bubble tea kiosk design? here you will find what you want.

In this article, the one what I wanna share is a very popular and High-quality mall bubble tea kiosk design for sale. it can for selling fresh juice bar kiosk. 

Basic information about this kiosk: 

      Size: 4000X3000mm.

      Color: black, gray.

      Material:  plywood, tile. laminate.

      Service:  bubble tea. juice. fruit tea etc.

      Accessories:  lightbox, menu list. lamp. light strip.

      Usage: bubble tea store, shopping mall.

bubble tea kiosk

As you can see the whole kiosk basic material is black, the surface is black color tile decoration, match the colorful acrylic letter. the counter below and the whole kiosk bottom hidden led light strip. very bright and attractive.

The right sides of the whole kiosk mainly for order and package. here have an “L'”shape counter. the top part is a “U” shape frame and ceiling lamp. at the left sides mainly for bubble tea making. at the back sides is a wooden counter, it can put a topping container area, juice machine, and more storage area. 

You will notice the kiosk top part is a metal frame, with colorful circle decoration, looks very nice.



bubble tea kiosk


If you wanna your bubble tea business is better, it’s necessary to provide high-quality service, try to make your kiosk attractive and exquisite, it can help you attract more customers. this is why many businessmen choose customized a special store. unique kiosk as a direct manufacturer, we mainly work on the design and customize different types of retail mall food kiosk and bar counter.

Thanks for your time and reading, hope this kiosk is helpful for your food business. if you’re interested to start a bubble tea shop like this one. more info or related images, please directly contact us, welcome inquiry!


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