4m x 3m bubble tea kiosk with a big wood bubble tea cup to Chile

Summer is coming, beverage shops & kiosks are very popular at the moment. Plenty of customers send inquiries about bubble tea kiosks, juice kiosk, chopped fruit kiosk. There is the most popular bubble tea booth on our website, which it with a big wood bubble tea cup on the left corner.

This style very popular in the shopping mall. After we designed and produced it. Many customers want to get a similar one to it. In fact, we have done several similar bubble tea kiosk to this style. Mainly export to the USA.

Why it so popular?  1.it with a big bubble tea cup. Obviously, you can buy bubble tea in it. It is a highlight sign in the indoor. 2. The whole kiosk is arounded by many colorful acrylic dots with light. It is very stand out. Especially, attract kids, they like bright things!

It is a beverage kiosk, so you will use water frequently. Consider to it, we suggest you do the kiosk as plywood with laminate and countertop is man made stone. Because it can waterproof. So you can use the kiosk for a long time about 5-6years. Therefore, the material of this kiosk is plywood with white laminate on the external. The whole kiosk with lED strips, including the roof on the back of countertop.

Most bubble tea kiosks with a topping in it, we could provide those topping and install them in the kiosk before shipping. At the same time, put a glass covered it. Also, we put all of your machines into 3D design during we make a new one for you. So you can see your kiosk how looks like in advance!

If you want to get a similar one, please feel free to contact us!



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