High-end vape shop display furniture E-cigarette display cabinet for sale

As we all know, e-cigarettes are very popular in Europe and the United States, and bring competition to the traditional cigarette market in relevant countries. The physical stores of e-cigarettes are showing a significant growth, and many shop owners and enthusiasts have feedback. The number is increasing, and many smokers have successfully quit traditional cigarettes with electronic cigarettes. This has also become an important reason for people to choose electronic cigarettes.

E-cigarette have many nice fruits tastes, and it is less harmful than traditional cigarettes.So becomes more and more popular between young people.So ever year many new vape shop opened, so also need more and more vape shop display furniture.

Here today I want to share you a nice vape shop interior design:

this vape shop is 8m by 9m on photo. You can see it mainly used white and dark blue match black industrial style ceiling. Looks very modern also comfortable. When enter this shop you will find the left have a sitting area,one table with 4 chairs,customers can sit here. The right side is a E-cigarette display cabinets for lastest products. And the back is a big E-cigarette booth. The front are two cash counters,then near them have some glass display showcase,then left and right have a long bar counter with chairs,customers can try E-cigarette here.The middle back are wall display cabinets for storage E-juice.

You may have belowing questions:

1.How big this vape shop ?can you do as my size?
A:this shop size is 8m by 9m,yeah we do customize,can redesign as your size

2.what’s the price?
A:how big your shop size?need accoridng to your size to check estimate for your ref. I suggest let our design team design your shop for you see effect, after see design then can check exact price.

3.How long for delivery?
A:the production need 22-25 work days,shipping will need according to your location to check.

How do I get my e-cigarette shop from design to production

Design services

Everyone has different requirements for e-cigarette shops. As a furniture customization factory, we will recommend make 3D design first. 3D design allows you not only to see the whole effect, also can confirm all the details. When we know the details of the e-cigarette store, we can start the design work. Before designing, we need to charge 500-800 US dollars as a design deposit, the exact price depends on the size of the store. And We will deduct it from the order price.

We will send the design to you for confirmation within 2-3 working days, which allows modification to ensure that it meets your requirements. After you confirm the final design, we will also make the construction drawings to you check, because our workers will produce according to the design and construction drawings, so you should check the construction drawings carefully.

Production process

After you pay 50% deposit of the order, we can arrange the production. We will build the furniture body first and paint it. Make it step by step according to the construction drawings. After baking the paint, we will install the circuit, LOGO, light box and other equipment for you, and assemble it into a whole and check it can work normal. If you need, we can send you the production video and let you know the production steps.

Unique Display Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the principle of customer first to serve every customer. Feel free to contact us for more details.

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