Modern vape shop design E-cigarette store furniture display showcase

Considered to be a less dangerous alternative to tobacco. “E-cigarettes” are taking over the West as more and more people switch over when trying to kick the habit. There are many people who plan to start a vape shop business. How to start a vape shop is a problem for many new starters.

This is a modern vape shop design E-cigarette store furniture display showcase. Hope this store design can give you some ideas about the vape shop design.



The important part of a vape shop design is the display area. We have to make the display area to let the customer to see your products clearly. On the wall of the vape shop has a display rack with the glass display shelves. The ceiling of the vape store has the spotlights to light up the products.

Except for the display shelf on the back wall, it has the display showcase on the front and cashier counter. They are the glass display showcase in order to let the customer can see your products clearly. The material of the vape shop display furniture is MDF with baking paint. And the glass material we will use tempered glass. The thickness has 8mm, 10mm and 12mm.



We have a design team that can make a customized vape store design for you. First, before we make the customized shop design, we can discuss the layout, and the size of the shop if you have the floor plan is better. Our designer will make a new 3d shop model according to your shop size.

After you check the 3d vape shop design, we can revise the design for you if you are not satisfied with it. The revision service is free.

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